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Jun 18, 2014 05:10 PM

Anyone going to LA Street Food Fest??? I already have tickets to Tacolandia, which is on the same day! I noticed some restaurants are listed for both. Are they doing double-duty???*

*Thought I'd try my hands on a kevin-esque title...

It's interesting that LA Street Food Fest is happening on the same day as Tacolandia. I think LA Street Food Fest announced their date after Tacolandia.

It's also interesting that many of the participants of one are apparently also participating in the other:

I see Carnitas El Momo, C-V-Che, Coni'Seafood, La Monarca, Mariscos Jalisco, Mexicali, Starry Kitchen, Tacos Kokopelli.

Anyone know if any of the participants are pulling out of one to attend the other, or if they're just doing double-duty? I'm ambivalent on whether prepping for two big food events on the same day makes it easier or harder...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Putting 2 major food festivals on the same day seems stupid especially since LA street food fest probably has more parking capabilities than tacolandia. Though on the up side, that means each event will be less crowded for the purpose of not bumping into people.

      La street food fest seems more appealing for me and the higher price doesn't matter as there's more variety, I'm just worried about the heat which will fortunately be offset by the unlimited beverages.

      As for your last question, I went to one of the participants facebook page and they mention they are going to both.

      1. Alright, Bill Esparza said on Twitter that there's no change to the Tacolandia line up. So I guess all these places are gonna be doing two events. Good on them.

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          Harder double header for the eaters than the cooks!

        2. 2014: the year food fests reached critical mass

          1. Does this classify as a food festival Bang Bang?

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