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Jun 18, 2014 05:08 PM

Happy Veal Hot Pot on South Park, Halifax

Just a heads up to let you know the highly touted Shaanxi dumplings at this restaurant are only available at noontime. Supper is hot pot only - pass on the squid by the way - otherwise quite good and a nice space in the southwest corner of Park Victoria. In table induction plates so no acrid fumes from those stinky fuel burners. Problem is I just could not keep my eyes off tomorrow's jumbo jiaotze being made in the kitchen within view.

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  1. Awesome. I was discussing this restaurant with a friend the other day, but I haven't been yet. It's on my list!

    1. Checked out the dumplings. 18 fried chive, pork, shrimp dumplings for about $15. Tasty - yes, moist - yes, chivey - indeed, pork/shrimp - scanty to say the least, maybe 1/16 of a tsp. See photo for contents!

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        chilibeanpaste, it looks like they ran out of filling and tried to stretch a tsp. over 18 dumplings haha. I wonder if they are always like that.

        I had the hot pot here last night. We ordered the half spicy / half regular broth along with beef slices, pork belly, shiitake, pea shoots, napa, (2) plates of homemade egg noodles and the sesame sauce for 3 people. The spicy broth had quite the kick so the regular broth was a nice relief. With a beer each it came to about $22/person. I hope to get back soon.

        1. re: analysisparalysis

          analysisparalysis - Don't know if the dumplings are always so empty. Now that we've found Kee Heong Cantonese Bakery's daily Dim Sum chances are we won't be going back to Happy Veal for dumplings.