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Jun 18, 2014 04:59 PM

Efendy on Dresden Row, Halifax

I thought this restaurant merits a topic title of its own as this is in fact a reply to existential_crisis' recommendation to try Efendy after a very disappointing experience / turn-around at Café Istanbul (see that thread). This Turkish restaurant has got to be the best in the metro. Six of us went there on the evening of the 9th and we all raved about the food. Big smiles on all faces as we headed home. Reasoably prices, generous portions, everything done to perfection. Richter scale Moussaka as well as lamb chops. It's a must - 4.5/5!

I just wish I had taken pictures.

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  1. We enjoyed our meal here. The kitchen is open with a charcoal grill - every time I looked in that direction the two kitchen staff were staring at us, haha.

    1. Just seeing this now - glad you had a good experience. I have been meaning to go back for the calamari.