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Jun 18, 2014 03:59 PM


There are a number of new/new-ish restaurants we'd like to try, but one in our party has a high frequency hearing loss, which makes it hard to hear a conversation in a noisy room. So, we need to choose carefully.

Can anyone who has been to the following restaurants weigh in on their noise level? Thanks in advance.

The NoMad
The Clam
Empire Diner
Bar Bolonat

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  1. Of your list, I've only been to NoMad, Juni and All'Onda. Juni is the only one that is guaranteed quiet. The others depend on where you are seated and just how loud the diners around you are. That said, I will not be returning to Juni because I felt it was poor value for money. If you are willing to spend that much, I'd recommend Picholine or Tocqueville.

    1. What time and day of the week are you considering?
      There can be a huuuggge difference in noise level between a 1pm lunch on a tuesday and an 8:30pm friday night dinner.....

      1. From your list, Juni and The Parlour Room at The NoMad would meet your needs. I have not been to the others. I highly recommend both Juni and The NoMad.

        1. I haven't been to all the places listed, but from the ones I have been to I would say Juni is your safest bet.

          1. Estela is in the category that I would call "very loud." Tables are close together. I am a big fan, but I take a 6pm table.

            Gato has more space between most tables and noise level
            is palatable if you dine on the early side--before 7pm.

            NoMad depends on the room, and of course, the time.