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Jun 18, 2014 03:39 PM

Little Saigon Night Market (Westminster)

Heard about this word of mouth; has anyone been? Is this a lot like the 626 Night Market (which was awesome, but packed to the gills)?

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  1. this has been on going for the past 2-3 years during weekends of the summer months. its in the front parking lot of the Phuoc Loc Tho plaza. No where near the cluster** of the original 626 night market since it's weekly. Good for cruise if in the area on weekends, but not necessary a must visit. A few noteworthy bites from previous year was vendor selling banh can da nang, a rice flour dumpling similar to banh khot but with quail egg and no coconut milk and made in a clay oven. Never seen that before except in Da Nang. Usual food on sticks and grilled corn with scallion oil.

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      Thanks for the 411; I did a quick search on these boards & didn't see a thing about it! Appreciate the food tip; will check out later this month.

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          Thank you...must do a better search!

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            Ahh from 2011! proof that the 2013 LIttle saigon Night market wasn't it's innaugural season as stated in the OCWeekly. Pretty sure the article also mistaken banh can with banh khot as well. But most people, even Viets would make that mistake as it's pretty rare to see that here.

            for reference:

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              where do you get your banh khot?

              1. re: j_gordon

                Nha Hang Van (Van Restaurant) on brookhurst is good. They specialize in Banh Xeo and Banh Khot.