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Jun 18, 2014 02:36 PM

restaurant suggestions in Bklyn?

Looking for suggestions for a Bklyn (kosher) restaurant...for group of 5 adult meeting mid-week for (reunion) dinner. Previously suggested Pardes & Basil but the out of towner wld prefer Flatbush/Midwood area. Manhattan person would like train convenient or easy parking. Open to meat or dairy, mid price. Any suggestions?

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  1. I wrote about Brooklyn Steak Company on Avenue M between E. 13th and 14th, a couple of months ago, We've been back a couple of times and the food has always been delicious.

    1. Here are some suggestions:

      El Gaucho, near F train (18th Ave).

      Pita Off the Corner, near F train (Ave P)

      Glatt a la Carte, a bit of a walk from the F train (18th Ave), or you can wait for the #8 bus if you don't feel like walking

      Sunflower (B/Q train, Kings Hwy)

      By the way, I know you said you were going out mid-week, so this is not applicable to you, but El Gaucho has a Monday special, a 3-course meal for $26.

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      1. Orchidea. Its dairy, 12th ave and 48th st. Nice ambiance' good food, and their lunch buffet i s great. Half a block fro m the D train.

        1. I'll add my vote to Orchidea and El Gaucho.

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            We ate in El Gaucho for the first time about 2 weeks back. It was O K but expected much better.

            1. re: susiejane

              I agree about El Gaucho. Maybe I was expecting too much from all the hype, but it was just OK.

              I think Brooklyn Steak Company is much better.

          2. Pardes isn't convenient, I get it, but it's the best. If they haven't had the experience, I suggest swaying them to try!

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            1. re: tamarw

              It is extremely convenient to Manhattan by subway. And there is parking. And Pardes is certainly the best for people who appreciate really great food. But it depends who is in the group. Stodgier people may feel more comfortable in a setting where everything on the menu is familiar.