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Jun 18, 2014 02:27 PM

El Pecat in El Born, Barcelona

I haven't seen this restaurant mentioned in Chowhound. The food is nicely inventive at very reasonable prices. Particular favorites were the rice with foie gras, salmon roe, and honey; along with the tuna tartar with mango strips and curry salt. However, the mixed vegetable dish and the bacalao with yucca fries dish were also real winners. The cardamom cake dessert was another fine dish, along with a fine but very rich chocolate / almond tart.

The wine list has lots of interesting choices including a wide range of German wines. The big discovery for me was the Alella dessert wine, from an appelation just outside Barcelona, even more local than the Penedès white being served by the glass.

We were the only folks there during our dinner, however, so I worry that they need more business. Granted that Spain was playing a World Cup game that night and they have no TV, but still - this is really good food with a personal feel at reasonable prices. They're on a back street at Sant Antoni Dels Sombrerers, 3.

I'd be interested to hear local hounds' impressions of the place - I'm visiting from the San Francisco area.


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  1. Prices? a la carte or fixed menu?

    1. We ordered a la carte; I don't recall a menu option. Dishes were 9 to 14€, glasses of wine were 4€, desserts about 5€. There's more information at though it's not as helpful as other places' web sites.


      1. Hi Michael,

        I've seen your posts on the San Francisco Bay Area board and I was wondering if you had any other Barcelona recommendations? My husband and I will be visiting in Sept. I've already read about a ton of places but really appreciate your rec of El Pecat in El Born since we will be renting an apt in the El Born area. Thanks in advance!


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          Our other very nice dinner in the neighborhood was at Llamber, an Asturian place that has several mentions here. After the Picasso museum we had a relaxing lunch outside a few blocks away at De Tapadillo. Enjoy!