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Jun 18, 2014 10:32 AM

ISO mail order gluten free desserts

I want to send someone a gluten free dessert as a thank you gift. Anyone know of good bakeries that have gluten free options and ship?

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  1. Off hand the first one that comes to mind is Katz bakery. which ships nationally and the kosher certification would be accepted by everyone. However, where are you sending this and are there any other restrictions kosher or dietary? I think there are some local ones that ship in a limited area (LA comes to mind).

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    1. re: kosherGlutenFree

      Disclaimer - I dont know if ALL their products are kosher, but some certainly are...

      1. re: Subtletea

        FYI, they are a totally kosher company. (I love their rainbow cookies on Pesach.)

        1. re: queenscook

          Thanks! Everything looks so delicious, but I don't think they export to this side of the Atlantic:(

        2. re: Subtletea

          I hadn't realized they were back in business after Sandy. People like their Ring Tings and I personally like their brownie bites. Be aware that the year round products are based on passover recipes, they are still excellent.

          1. re: kosherGlutenFree

            They're gluten free. That's basically the definition of kosher for passover. I bet most non-kosher gluten free desserts could be kosher for passover if they were prepared in a kp kitchen.

            1. re: avitrek

              I am aware that they are gluten free. I have been gluten free since 1999 and keep kosher so have been buying kosher for passover products longer than that. Kosher for passover products that are non-gebruckts (vs those that contain matza which are not gluten free) are made with potato/tapioca starch and/or nut flours or eggs. Many people with celiac do not like baked goods made with starch alone and prefer baked goods made with a mixture that also contains flours that are high in proteins such as bean flours, sorghum, millet, etc. That was why I pointed out the fact that the items were kosher for passover recipes year round, not that they were not gluten free.

              Do I eat the products from this company, YES!! They are excellent and as long as the recipient is someone that does not mind the taste of the flours then this may be a better choice then my first recommendation. It all depends on the selection available in the recipients local community.

              1. re: avitrek

                Not to belabor the point, but gluten free and kosher for Passover are not at all the same. Matzah, the prototypical kosher for Passover food, is far from gluten free. Many of us--even in these days of taking on more and more chumras, still eat gebrokts--again, by definition not gluten free.

                1. re: queenscook

                  Yes, I'm aware. I was really thinking more in reverse. If the dessert is gluten free, then it's probably KP. Yes, you could use spelt flower that might change that, but kosherGlutenFree's comment on bean flours may be the bigger issue. That a kitniyot ingredient could be used during the year while you would probably not use it for passover.

                  1. re: avitrek

                    Avitrek I am confused by your reply for the following reasons.

                    1) spelt is NOT gluten free
                    2) except during Passover most baking that is gluten free is usually NOT kfp. Even most commercial baking is usually NOT kfp, the one recommended above is the exception. Most people that bake gluten free use ingredients like xantan/guar gum, rice flours, cornstarch, millet flour, sorghum flour, teff, amaranth, modified tapioca flour, various bean flours, potato flour (which is made from whole potatoes), in addition to tapioca starch, potato starch, quinoa and nut flours. Except for nut flours most people use a mixture of flours trying to get a balance of starch/protein.

                    Personally I only have one Passover recipe that I will make during the year and that is a recent addition, otherwise I am like most Jews my Passover dessert recipes are different from my year round recipes.

                    I do know people that start off using their Passover recipes as a crutch but there are too many excellent recipes available to just make Passover recipes year round.

                    I am also like everyone else, I have special recipes for Purim, Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, etc. If I stuck to ingredients that were only kfp these recipes would not work or taste as good.

        3. Sorry this is probably too late for this time but for future reference, I love By the Way, an amazing Kosher gluten-free bakery in Manhattan.

          Here's previous thread

          I particularly love their orange almond cake but for better shipping try the chocolate chip cookies (made with excellent quality belgian chocolate) or their biscotti.

          The best!