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Jun 18, 2014 10:22 AM

Seafood in Philly?

I am traveling from West Texas to Philadelphia next month. Since I live where I do, there is NO access to fresh seafood here, therefore, I just never eat any. I'm hoping that this trip to PA will allow me to eat some fresh seafood, and show my friend that Joe's Crab Shack is nothing to write home about. IS there great seafood to be had in Philly? (We are near the Westin hotel, which I BELIEVE is South Philly). I would like to eat lobster, crab, scallops, etc. (I've never met a clam or oyster that I liked). Where do Philadelphians eat seafood?!?!

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  1. Oyster House on Sansom St. in Rittenhouse is a good bet. A wide variety of oysters and very fresh seafood. And it's only a few blocks from the Westin (which is in the Rittenhouse section of the city where there are a lot of other really good places to eat).

    Another option which is more fancy would be Estia, a Greek place where the seafood is flown in from the Mediterranean fresh daily. They have good fish and octopus that is tenderized using a washing machine. It's also within easy walking distance from the Westin. If you go ask for Saki. He's the best waiter in the city!

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      Awesome! I noticed the Oyster House on mapquest. But I didn't see a rating, so I wasn't sure if it was good. I just want to go somewhere that won't cost too much (OH prices look reasonable) and somewhere fun. Thanks! And thanks for the tip on the Greek place. I'll ask for him if we get a chance to go there.

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        Oyster House is really good. I just ate there this past Saturday. They are also open for brunch and lunch if you want to save some $. Here is a link to some reviews from another site but others on the board will probably (hopefully) chime in that OH is the place to go.

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          It's great!.....There is also another place called Route 6 or smething like that which is North of Market.........have not tried it, but have heard good things

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          Curious if Estia is foodie level? It's been a while but I recall it more as a nice upscale restaurant but not special like Kanella or Little Fish in the seafood category.

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            Not for me. Kanella is much better, so is Little Fish.

            Vernick is another place that does some great things with seafood.

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              The fresh seafood at Estia is very good but also very expensive. Sold a la carte and by the pound.

          2. The Treemont does a really nice job on seafood too.

            1. Little Fish may be another place you'd like to check out ( - the menu is very fish-centric!

              Many of our Italian byobs have very good seafood entrees and appetizers as well; I was just at Roberto Cafe and had grilled octopus, clams and mussels in white wine broth, and a whole Dover sole. It was all excellent. You'll find whole branzino on a lot of menus.

              If you're going to be around for more than a few days and have access to a car, you might want to explore some nearby destinations in New Jersey. Collingswood is where you'll find two of the best sushi restaurants in the area: Fuji and Sagami. Take a fun drive further south and you can find some great crab shacks (I love Bull on the Barn and it's a real experience to eat there!)

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                I really am wanting to visit New Jersey. I just don't know where to go. I won't have a car, but I can use the transit system there, right? I live in a city that only has buses and no one uses them because they take too long,so public transportation is scary for me. I am terrified to get on the transit system and then get stuck in Jersey! To be honest, I'll probably chicken out. lol

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                  It's easy to take he train to many parts if NJ but it probably isn't worth it for you.

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                    Well, Patco runs from Center City to Collingswood, but not near either Sagami or Fuji, alas. There are some great restaurants and fun places to shop around here, but I can totally understand not wanting to venture out without transportation ready. (I spent many years reliant on public transportation only and know how sucky it can be in some areas. Philly to Jersey doesn't have a lot of great options.

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                      Did Fuji move out of Haddonfield? It was an easy PATCO trip last time I ate there.

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                      Here's a tip, don't do it. The public transportation system isn't great, and unless you're willing to shell out a lot of cash for fancy Uber (it is great, admittedly), I wouldn't recommend buses or trains. ;)

                      Tons of great options in Philadelphia, and anyway the BYOB and pescetarian vibe in Philly almost demands a great fish entree in any serious restaurant.

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                        Thanks! I know that's super provincial of me, but I am so afraid I will get stuck across the river! lol

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                          Well said dndicicco. I live in the Metro Area and do know public transportation, which I find quite satisfactory and relative easy to use even for a first timer. But unless there is a specific reason to venture to "the other side" why go there with all of Philadelphia at your feet? Good fish/seafood is available at good restaurants even if not seafood specific.

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                          if you wanted to go to jersey for seafood down the shore would be the way to go - best transit access would be to Atlantic City and to eat at Docks Oyster House but if your scared of transit and such this would be a very terrifying adventure. -

                          You have great options in Philly though - and there are raw bars seemingly everywhere lately

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                          I second Little Fish. Excellent seafood and byob (which you may not have in Texas).

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                            Sockii, please post info about restaurants in Collingswood and the crab shacks you've found on the New Jersey board!

                          2. Another vote for the Oyster House. There are two; you want the one on Sansom St. between 15th and 16th.
                            They don't take reservations and get very busy, but things move fast. Delicious lobster roll, among other things.
                            Everything is very fresh.

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                              You all have me salivating for Oyster House...I think I need to check it out. I came back from a trip to Maine (Street & Co in Portland was outstanding) recently, so the bar is high!

                            2. An even more casual option in Rittenhouse is Luke's Lobster. Sounds like it will be right up your alley. I've only had the lobster roll, which is fresh and delicious, but they also have crab rolls, shrimp rolls, crab claws and a few other things. It's a great lunch spot.