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Jun 18, 2014 08:54 AM

Totto Ramen- first visit

I’ve been lazy about posting lately, but I see a vacuum that needs to be filled. We stopped by Totto around 8:30 on a week night and the wait was less than 10 mins. It emptied out quickly after that, so going a little later might give you no wait at all.

We had the Miso Ramen and the Spicy Ramen. Neither one looked as nice as their web page photos. I liked the spicy one a bit better, but my dining companion preferred the miso, so that worked out well. The spicy was only mild to medium. Both broths were good, but not memorable. The torched pork belly on both was very tasty. It was tender, with a bit of char flavor from the blow torch.

I might have been more impressed, but just a few days earlier we had been in NYC and went to Momofuku Noodle Bar. Their presentation, depth of flavor in the broth and springiness of the noodles were all far superior to Totto. It’s been a long time since I was last at Ken’s, but my memory tells me that I liked Totto about as well. I haven’t been to Yume Wo Katare, so I’ve got no comparison there.

We also had the Char Siu Mayo Don, basically more of the pork belly on rice with mayo squirted on top. I wouldn’t bother with that again; maybe just order more of the char siu on top of the ramen if I wanted more porky goodness.

The staff were very pleasant and often asked if we needed anything. It was fun to sit at the bar and watch them put the food together. I suppose I’d go again, if the wait was short enough, but there is a lot of competition from other, perhaps more interesting, food in that area.

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  1. Have you been/can you compare to Sapporo in Porter Sq. and H-Mart or Pikaichi in the Super 88?

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      Not been to Totto but since you mentioned both Sapporos, am I the only one that thinks the one in H-Mart is many notches crappier than the one in Porter?

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        I think the HMart ramen stinks...literally. My bowl had a real overwhelming offal smell. Very off putting

    2. Totally agree. Went on a weeknight and waited about 10-15 minutes at 7:30pm, so not bad.

      The spicy ramen was OK - good, but not great. My companion had the Mega, which uses a different noodle and the same broth without the spice. It was much better than mine. While I typically prefer spice, I'd say the regular broth is better here.

      I didn't have a bad meal, but I won't be rushing back, either.

      1. FINally! I have been hoping for some reviews of this place.Thank you. Now i am sighing with relief, as i feel so lucky to have become a regular at East x Northeast's Wed. Ramen night. For me, Philip's Ramen is a beautiful and perfectly balanced dish. Hope you'll head there next time and love it as much as we do !

        1. Any more recent reports on Totto? This thread's reports from the summer- were not very good, but I wonder if time has brought improvement?

          There are 4 other ramen places I'd love to hear about:
          --Rosebud in Davis Sq.- a CH reported a rich smoky broth; anyone else had it?
          --A new ramen place was supposed to open in Harv Sq. Any update?
          -- The Davis Sq. former Snappy Sushi, now Snappy Ramen-- how is it?
          -- There was a good Globe review of a new ramen place in Kittery, Me.- Anju Noodle Bar. Anyone driven up to try that yet? Thx for any news!

          p.s. we are still crazy for Philip's ramen at East by Northeast, but it's only served on Wed.

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            Anju Noodle bar discussion belongs on the Northern NE board: