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Jun 18, 2014 06:40 AM

Tapo Mexico City

Hi all,

We are looking for a good place to eat during our journey from London to Oaxaca.

We will be landing in Mexico City at 7.30pm and hope to take the last bus from tapo to Oaxaca at midnight.

I don't think this leaves us enough time to get into the city so we need somewhere at or near the airport or bus station. It doesn't need to be formal or fancy but, as it will be the first meal of the holiday, we would like it to be a good one.

Any recommendations would be gratefully received!

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  1. There are a lot of people on this board who will have better food suggestions than I have, but have you checked to see if there are any buses leaving directly from the airport to Oaxaca? I'm thinking of both convenience and safety.

    A number of posters have lauded a taco place in the Mexico City airport, so you could drop in there before heading out.

    1. Hoo boy. The area around the TAPO is pretty rough, so not much of an option to get to a place where you can find a good meal and then get back to the TAPO in time to catch the midnight bus for Oaxaca.

      I think your best bet is to eat at the airport before you go to TAPO. Here's the airport's link (14 or 15 pages) to where to find food in the terminals:

      Look at Bistrot Mosaico (page 1), La Pausa (page 3), El Farolito (page 8), and El Fogoncito (p. 11). None of those is top of the line, but you'll get good tacos al pastor at El Farolito and El Fogoncito. I would say try El Farolito and try the gringas, the tacos al pastor, and a costra de arrachera, three of my favorites. The consomé de pollo is also excellent. I haven't tried the airport branches of those two, but the branches near my house are great. Bistrot Mosaico has a decent reputation on the street, but I haven't tried it in the airport. I have eaten at La Pausa's main restaurant in Coyoacán and it was good, but not great.

      Be sure to buy bottled water or other preferred drinks in bottles (soft drinks or juices) before you get on your midnight bus. The trip to Oaxaca from the TAPO isn't terribly long (6 hours, more or less), but you will want fluids. And if there's a bakery in the terminal (I came in late at night the last time I came in from Oaxaca and didn't notice), you might want to pick up a couple of pieces of pan dulce for the peckish hour or so before you get to Oaxaca.

      Once you're in Oaxaca, the food is frequently but not inevitably wonderful. Do you know where you'll be eating? If you have questions, post back here. I can offer you an outta-this-world breakfast option for your first Oaxaca meal.

      Here's the airport link re buses leaving from there. Nothing to Oaxaca, the closest you can get is to Orizaba.


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      1. re: cristina

        Thanks for your replies. Christina, please could you give me your Oaxaca breakfast rec? I have done a fair bit of research but always welcome tips. The place we're staying does breakfast - reviewers say it's v good - but we will need a place for the first morning and you have sold me with your outta-this-world description! F

        1. re: ffbyrne

          Mercado de la Merced
          Calle Murguía at the corner of Leandro Valle y Calzada de la República.
          Fonda Rosita
          Cazuelita de chilaquiles
          Ask for the fresh-squeezed juice you want; the staff will get it for you from the stand next door.
          Fonda Florecita
          for the memelitas or tlayudas
          Same deal with the juice

          These two fondas, along with a bunch of others, are inside the Mercado de la Merced.

          Be sure to have a hot chocolate (made with water) for breakfast!

          Do you know about Restaurante La Teca? If not, let me know and I'll give you the info. It is an off-the-beaten-track DO NOT MISS.

          There is a lot of info on Mexico Cooks! re Oaxaca.


      2. Yeah, there's really nothing of note in TAPO; just fast food. As said, there are no direct buses from the airport to Oaxaca. I wouldn't call taking a cab from the airport to TAPO that inconvenient (they're very close) and it certainly isn't unsafe.

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        1. re: foodinspace

          I know it isn't Chowish, but sometimes, circumstances steer us to second best choices. WE settled for a Subway low fat turkey and cheese sub, from the Subway in the TAPO food Court. The larger sandwich, cut in two, sufficed to get us to Oaxaca on the ADO bus. There was another Subway at the Oaxaca First Class ADO terminal.

          Cristina; I visited the Mercado de La Merced in Oaxaca a few times. It's one of my favorite mercados, as it's quieter, un-touristy and friendly. I saw some of those fondas and although they appealed to me, I was between meals at the time and had to pass up the opportunity. I hope to eat at a few on our next visit.

          1. re: Anonimo

            I also try and buy a Subway for long bus rides. It is never bad food and actually pretty exotic after 12 years in Mexico. Plus they travel well.

            1. re: genoO

              I much prefer to buy a torta, stuffed with everything from milanesa and jam to quesillo, from a torta vendor rather than buy any Subway sandwich. The last time I traveled on ADO, from Oaxaca to the DF, I bought a Subway chicken sandwich for the road and could not believe how dreadful it was. Processed, machine-made food is unnecessary in Mexico. A slice of fresh tomato does not make it real food.

              Of course, *en gustos se rompen géneros*--to each his or her own.

              Ffbyrne, you also do not want to miss the carne asada hall at Mercado 20 de noviembre. It's truly a wildly fun experience, full of smoke and noise and pure show--along with the marvelous carne asada and side dishes. Go!


        2. Other ideas for you: I would never take the bus from DF to Oaxaca again, for numerous reasons, but especially at night it is not an enjoyable ride - I would FLY. Is that an option for you?

          If you really want a bus ride and there is not a convenient bus directly from the airport to Oaxaca you can very easily bus from the airport to Puebla. In Puebla, for cena, go directly to Las Ranas for al pastor tacos and arabes, then stay overnight, see the main church, zocalo and maybe a museum in the morning, pick up a Torta Cemita in the market for a great traveling lunch and then do a shorter bus ride in daylight to Oaxaca.

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          1. re: foodeye

            From MEX (the Mexico City airport), an excellent option for air travel is the airline Interjet. Round trip to/from Oaxaca about $120USD per person, the flight is very comfortable--and the trip takes an hour each way.


            Like foodeye, I wouldn't take ADO to/from Oaxaca again. I just figured the OP already had bus tickets.


          2. There is no bus from the airport to Tapo, but the metro system has a station at terminal 1, and you can go to tapo that way. It's very fast, and cheap. You will have to change trains once, but its not difficult. If you're going to take a taxi from the airport to tapo, take one of the official airport taxis. It will cost you around 250 pesos to go to tapo. The metro is 5 pesos per person.

            As far as food goes... well, there is really not much inside tapo. Just some fast food type places. If you go into some of the walkways leading from tapo to the various metro lines, sometimes there are some stands set up selling tacos, tortas, and the like, but this will be more like street food and not sit-down restaurants. There are lots of fast-food type places in the airport, and there are a few nicer sit-down restaurants. Unfortunately, I can't really recommend any of them, because every time I've been through there, I've only had time to grab a quick coffee.

            I would also recommend flying from DF to Oaxaca if that is at all possible for you.