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Jun 18, 2014 02:24 AM

Dinner near Chihuly Garden

Anything goes, one of a few of our meals in Seattle, and on July 4. It has to be a 6pm reservation, as we have to be somewhere for 8.

Six Seven is booked as a backup. Any other suggestions are appreciated, and hoping they will be open.


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  1. all depends on what you like-
    tilikum place cafe
    jon howie's sport restaurant
    toulouse petit
    racha thai
    ten mercer
    the melting pot
    i have heard that there is a new brazilian style rodizio in the area of the seattle center also. no first hand experience with that one

    1. I just had a fun dinner at the new-ish Taylor Oyster Bar if you like oysters and the like.

      1. Should have mentioned that we are all dressed up. Taylor Oyster Bar looks like fun, but too casual for pretty dresses.

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          Nothing around there is fancy, but that shouldn't stop you from dressing up!

        2. i'd suggest triumph bar, list, and the lost pelican. racha is pretty generic thai, melting pot is a chain, and mcmenamins is not generally a place i elect to eat. you might also enjoy umi, though quality has suffered since their chef opened his own gig (japonessa). local 360 is ok, but nothing super special. shiro's is fantastic, though you will likely not be seated at the bar if you go at 6 instead of a 5:30 reservation with a 4:30-5pm arrival time. tavolata, la vita e bella, and spur gastropub might suit you nicely also. el gaucho is a straight up steakhouse, but does turn out a nice chunk of beef etc, table-side caesar, and definitely a swanky vibe. boat street cafe is also fantastic. you're literally in my backyard, so i can likely be of some assistance :-) are you looking only for walking distance, or would you be open to cabbing it?

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          1. re: chartreauxx

            Thanks for your help! The biggest problem is that this is for July 4. It doesn't seem like much, other than the hotels, will be open. We are most definitely willing to cab, but I've called at least a dozen places and they are all closed.

            Maybe Six Seven is the best option, afterall?

            1. re: dlw88

              could be. i'd be shocked if shiro's, tavolata etc are closed but i haven't contacted them to see. if you're flexible to an authentic seattle experience, that weekend is (and mind it will be NUTS) seafair and the wooden boats event in SLU. it isn't sitdown, but it is a taste of local culture, flexible timing-wise (i'd leave extra time, no matter where you're headed, because traffic is going to be f***ed up) and offers a wide sampling of what food/drink is in the area (plus entertainment).


              july events there. several good ones on the 4th, many featuring truly spectacular local vendors/food trucks.