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Jun 17, 2014 08:02 PM

Staycation appetizer ideas

We are going on a two night staycation at a beautiful, small resort this weekend. Of course, we plan on eating at the resort restaurant for one brunch and one dinner, but I'm looking for ideas for easy, no cook food to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and with our wine, cocktails and jubilation! The resort provides a fridge (full of wet bar amenities), usable glassware, but very little else. We are literally five minutes from home so we could pack the kitchen sink in our car, if necessary. We are staying "home" for a reason($$$), yet I'd like to make this weekend memorable. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I think this calls for finger foods: charcuterie, smoke salmon, cheeses, crackers or good bread, berries/fruit. Basically, things you can eat for breakfast OR nibble on throughout the day and into the evening with wine.

    1. You can call ahead and ask they empty your minibar fridge so there's room for what you bring.
      Frittata muffins, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit/granola/yogurt parfait for breakfast.
      A massaged kale salad or grain based salad would keep well to make ahead for lunch.
      Cold sesame noodles would be another good lunch idea
      You could make and bring bahn mi sandwiches on baguette, then have leftover pate as part of your wine nibbles.
      I would splurge on some good wine, imported olives, your favorites cheeses, spiced nuts, pickled vegetables...

      Spiced savory popcorn is nice to have on hand for snacking, along with whatever fruit is in season near you.
      Sounds like fun!

      1. An easy no-cook nibble that could be packed as components and quickly assembled:
        sliced cucumber rounds
        on cocktail rye bread or round nut crackers
        that have been spread with mixture of cream cheese & ranch dressing. (place in zip bag, cut corner of bag to squeeze swirls onto bread or crackers)

        I'm also a fan of devilled eggs, but if you take those be sure you enclose in an airtight container to manage odor.


        Salad in a Jar

        Cashews, Almonds or baked spiced nuts

        1. Black olive pesto (olives, garlic, pine nuts, parm, OO). Make in advance and use on bread, crackers, or as a dip for veggies. If you have any left, bring it home and use on pizza or mixed with steamed broccoli.

          1. Last night, for our Friday night happy hour, I "made" thin slices of baguette, under the broiler for 5 mins( you could make ahead, wrap after completely cooled. Homemade roasted red peppers, thin slices of imported feta, homemade tapenade, assembled on a platter, drizzle cheese and peppers with evoo, sprinkled with chives from the garden, the roasted peppers and tapenade had been made earlier in the week, so this was just an assembly job when I got home from work, we had some sparkling rose. All in all, a very pleasant way to kick off the weekend!