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Jun 17, 2014 07:42 PM

any with recent Thermador appliances experience good or bad?

I am a vegetarian chef looking to remodel my kitchen but have been disappointed in the reviews on most of the top models being sold. I am leaning towards Thermador. any feedback???

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  1. i have thermador 36 inch 6 burner convection range and dish washer. So far i love the stove. great oven and high btus with good control. the dish washer is a little stinky....but i think that's user error. but it's quiet and cleans well. and was free with range.

    eta: let me just say, too. that my range has zero bells and whistles. i don't even think it has a timer. it is self cleaning, but i plan on not using that feature.

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        thanks so much eLizard. I will probable get the extended warranty.

      2. Have a more-recent Thermador dual-oven setup. Had the convection fan on one oven fry itself (covered under home warranty) and had an issue with a self-cleaning cycle that appears to be common. Self-cleaning vaporizes any gunk in the oven and can cause a fault in the probe socket - not a major issue ordinarily because I never use the probe - HOWEVER, a probe fault shuts the whole oven down, top and bottom. Solution? Take a Q-tip and swab down the inside of the probe socket. Makes me leery of ever running a cleaning cycle again.

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          thanks ferret, hope I dont need the Q-tip.

        2. One company manufactures Bosch, Gaggeneau, and Thermador. There are similarities among several models.

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