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Jun 17, 2014 05:45 PM

Ice Cream Trucks near Waltham or anywhere near Boston/Metro West that carry FrozFruit

I'm looking for FrozFruits, the delicious frozen fruit bar made with pieces of fruit right in the bar. I've learned that FrozFruit is currently made by Blue Bunny but is only carried by vendors of "impulse" ice cream products e.g. ice cream trucks and convenience stores.

I have no idea how to find an ice cream truck other than hanging around local parks all day. The internet is not helpful, which is not surprising considering how low tech/behind the times ice cream trucks are (why don't they get on the food truck bandwagon and tweet their routes/location stops?) Has anyone seen one recently and where they stop and when? Around Waltham, general Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/Medford or anywhere in MetroWest would be appreciated!

Even more to the point has anyone seen a FrozFruit (especially coconut) recently?

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  1. Not sure but i am addicted to the Edys Outshine Coconut cream bars. You can likely buy an entire box of those for what an ice cream truck will charge for the other. Plus they dont have the high fructose corn syrup in them.. They also make a coconut water version which i do not recommend..

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      I second the Edy's bars...I have had both kinds and I think Edy's stacks up well.

    2. There's a place in Chelsea, across from the Market Basket, where I was told all the ice cream trucks buy their product. I think it's Rosev Dairy? I remember seeing a retail outlet there a few years ago but have never been in.

      1. Have you checked any of the corner bodegas in Roxbury or Dorchester? I feel like i've seen these bars in a freestanding ice cream freezer case - they come in flavors like banana, mango, coconut, etc. right?

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          @Prav Exactly. Coconut, banana, and strawberry are some of the best.

          @hargau, thanks for the lead on the Edys Outshire bars. Might have to try it and see how it stacks up with FrozFruit.

          @Chris VR Great lead! I've seen Rosev Dairy trucks all over and that's a really good point - go to the wholesaler who is supplying these guys. Love that they have a retail store also. Will call to ask if I can walk and buy what I want because it looks like the retail store's phone number is disconnected.

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            I have seen an ice cream truck fairly frequently parked along Worthen Road in Lexington- the town playing fields, skate park and public pool are there so it's fertile ground! It might be the same truck that also parks on the other side of the fields, in the loop where Park Drive ends, by the playground.

            I've also seen one fairly regularly at Lincoln Field, across from Temple Isaiah in Lexington, but their schedule might be tied into the sports schedule, which I don't know.

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            Same thought as Prav, but maybe CVS or gas stations may have them as well since those are often where impulse ice cream buys may happen.

            1. re: beetlebug

              Or Tedeschi's etc. - I used to love a nice strawberry or banana Frozfruit after a show at the Paradise on hot summer nights.

              We also really like the Floes from Trader Joes and, unexpectedly, the Stone Ridge Creamery fruit bars from Star Market.

              1. re: Allstonian

                Yes, I actually like Floes better than FrozFruit. They seem to have more and fresher-tasting fruit in them.

          3. I used to love those too. Banana, coconut and pineapple were my favorite. I am pretty sure I saw these at Symphony Market, a convenience store in the Fenway.

            A second choice is the Whole Foods 365 brand of frozen bars. They don't have all of these flavors but the Strawberry and Caribbean ones were quite good.


              Just googled frozfruits and here are the
              10 Closest Stores to boston area code 02111

              VILLA VICTORIA - 0.9 miles
              65 WEST DEDHAM ST, BOSTON, MA 02118

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              SHAWS SUPERMARKET 583 - 1.0 miles
              53 HUNTINGTON AVE, BOSTON, MA 21997

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              SOUTH END FOOD EMPORIUM - 1.1 miles
              469 COLUMBUS AVE, BOSTON, MA 02116

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              SUPER STOP & SHOP 53 - 1.6 miles
              713 E BROADWAY, SOUTH BOSTON, MA 02127

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              SUPER STOP & SHOP 429 - 1.7 miles
              1100 MASSACHUSETTS AVE, DORCHESTER, MA 02125

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              SUMNER ST MARKET - 1.7 miles
              345 SUMNER ST, E BOSTON, MA 02128

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              UNITED NATIONAL RED STORE - 1.8 miles
              134 BUNKERHILL ST, CHARLESTOWN, MA 02129

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              7-ELEVEN KENMORE - 1.9 miles
              532 COMMONWEALTH AVE, BOSTON, MA 02215

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              SUPER STOP & SHOP 498 - 2.0 miles
              779 MCGRATH HWY, SOMERVILLE, MA 02145

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              SHAWS SUPERMARKET 547 - 2.0 miles
              14 MCGRATH HWY, SOMERVILLE, MA 21434

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              1. re: MeffaBabe

                That is for any Blue Bunny products, not specific to FrozFruits, which is not sold in supermarkets.