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Jun 17, 2014 02:46 PM

Chowdown at Toups' Meatery July 17, 2014


Hi NOLA chowhounders:

I'd like to organize a New Orleans chowdown during my next visit to New Orleans in July. [Yes, folks it is my first time visiting in the middle of one of your oh so alluring summers!]

Toups' has been on my wish list a while and a fellow 'hounder suggested I check it out for this convivial eating and drinking event.

Locals and visitors welcome, however we do need to follow some "chowrules." Event attendance/logistics conducted off of the board although we can post plenty of photos and reviews post-meal.

Please email me at Yes, that is a .me at the end of my email address!

I would like to limit the group to 15 and prefer a 7:30 reservation. Toups' is on board with this size of a group with enough notice. We can order off of their regular menu -- and I want to be 100% respectful in terms of attendance, arriving on time, tipping etc.

I think it could be great fun. I've met a few of you in person on past visits and would love to meet more of you. Since I come to town every few months -- why not?

  1. One of my favorite places! Hey there, how have you been?! Unless I missed your posts, I didn't think you came in for Jazzfest this year.

    I'm in as long as I'm not leaving town. I've asked Isaac to make a ponce as a special non-menu request, sure with notice he'd make one for the group. His is as good as it gets. Be in touch, take care Karen!

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    1. re: sanglier

      sanglier, wonderful to hear from you!

      That would be great if you could make it.

      I did do Jazz Fest this year (with my non-foodie friend) but was very neglectful about recording food adventures on my favorite board. Love ya'all.

      The highlight was Gautreau's on the Monday after JF. It was May 5th and coincidentally twas that night Sue Zemanick tied with Ryan Prewitt (of Peche) as Best Chef:South.

      It was very fun to be at Gautreau's where they started us with a lagniappe of fois gras & frisee. My personal highlights were a nicely balanced gaspacho soup and parmesan- crusted halibut with champagne beurre blanc alongside a perfect spaetzle, peas and caramelized pearl onions.

      Fellow diners had crispy sweetbreads with crawfish tails, potatoes, braised greens and spicy beurre blanc, and another had the chicken with rosemary jus, shiitake mushrooms, haricots verts, and garlic mashed potatoes. [Potatoes a little watery, our only miss of the night.] Robyn enjoyed the pork cheeks with Korean chili glaze, pickled vegetables, puffed rice and cilantro. Delightful finish of blackberry shortcake and a stunning meyer lemon ice cream.

      In addition to fantastic food, the beverages, timing, service were all tops that night. The atmosphere a tiny bit formal, for me, but I will definitely try Sue Z's other spots as it was a very memorable meal!

      Whew.. there we go. That was an early May highlight now I am ready to really chowdown in July and October!

      Thanks for steering our choices in the right direction in for Toups' on 7/17! See you soon.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          I presume smoked, the one I had from him at Boudin and Beer event was smoked, if memory serves.

          1. re: sanglier

            Most of them are. Just don't let it blow up!

              1. re: karendor

                difficult time for me--I've often been out west around there and recently have been stuck in Baton Rouge.

      1. That does sound fun but it is also the night of TOTC Spirited Dinners and I (and possibly others) already have other reservations.

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        1. re: collardman

          collardman - thanks for the heads-up. I knew it was TOTC week, and I don't want to be in competition with those uber pairing choices all over town!

          Lets move it to Wednesday 7/16 and I will re-post. Now, which Spirited Dinner should I go to?

          Once I post it would be great if ya'll could email me with your tentative or firm plans to attend:

          [rules, rules, but that is what CH wants]

          By the way: what is ponce?

          1. re: karendor

            Ponce is a stuffed pig stomach (some call it "cajun haggis"). You also see "chaudin" and there is an argument as to whether they are the same or not. Just last week I spoke to a man from Hackberry (down below Lake Charles) who had worked around Basile (which NW of LAfayette) and he claimed ponce was a calf stomach. There IS (or was) a stuffed calf stomach but I have not seen it in years and do not remember the name for it but it would be easy to find out. Ponce can be smoked, in which event it has a hard casing, or "green" which is just the raw product. Some butchers say it also needs green onion that they do not put into the smoked version because it is useless there.

          1. Since there's a new thread about this event, we're going to close this one.