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Jun 17, 2014 02:37 PM

do yu "drink" at work??

NOT alcohol... water... bottled/flavored? I almost GAGS me to see coworker sipping fron probably room temp bottles/cups!?! I have a nice big double walled cup that I load to the brim with ICE in the morning and relaod with cubes at a few points during the day.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      This is nothing- I refer you to the person who is apparently stymied because she/he can't fit an entire soup spoon in her mouth.
      There should be a WTF?/SMH Board.

    2. I can't stand ice water. Of course I drink water at work, whether at home or at a conference or other away job. And coffee in the morning.

      Once upon a time, I worked at a communications department where a colleague started out on beer at 10am. It was the kind of place where such behaviour was acceptable as long as the work got done. Smoking was practically de rigueur (though I didn't smoke anything, even back then). Drinking, yes, but on my own time.

      Things have changed a lot in a few decades!

        1. You're upset because people drink room temp water at work? Really?

          1. You could just imagine other people's drinks are cold.