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Oahu with a big group

Heading to Oahu with a large group incl,. kids (the youngest being 8). Looking for great kid-friendly places that take reservations. Staying near Ala Moana

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    1. have you done robot sushi? sushi on plates goes around the restaurant on a conveyor belt. price is per plate. there are several genki sushi places near ala moana. no reservations iirc, but you should double check.

      there is makitti in waikiki, a buffet with foods from around the world with a hello kitty theme. just get the buffet and not the extra "prime rib."

      1. These recs are more if the "great" refers to 'kid-friendly' and not to cuisine:

        CPK, Bubba Gump's, or Romano's Macaroni Grill at Ala Moana Shopping Center
        Ryans at Ward Center (outdoor terrace)
        Dave and Buster's at Ward Theatre complex

        1. The Cheesecake Factory
          Hula Grill @ the Outrigger
          Macaroni Grill


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            cheesecake factory doesn't take reservations and there is always a wait.

            big city diner is pretty good.

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              So many times walking by that 2+ hour wait in Waikiki to Roy's and shake my head since I see the same people waiting after I've dined eating and drinking with Diva and still have time to catch some music and a mai tai at House without a Key and there still there..
              We stayed at the Royal Hawaiian last year and we made a game out of it..
              With so much fab food on da island, the Cheesecake Factory hours long wait ranks up there with Bigfoot and the mystery of Untersberg.

              ; )

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              beach chick is right on the money. If you choose Cheesecake Factory just reserve table an hour or so w hostess then walk around mall at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center to kill time.

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                I so want to party with you Mayor..
                The Aloha spirit comes through with each and every post.

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                  Beach Chick-I be there Dec 18-Jan 8th! can't wait!

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                    What a nice amount of time! What are your eating plans so far?

            3. So AHPDX-what did you end up doing?

              1. Posting back from our trip there with kids.

                One solid find was in the Ala Moana mall. On the top floor of the Shirokiya Japanese department store, there's a food court and beer garden with more than a dozen stalls serving a wide variety of choices that appealed to everyone. It's called Yataimura, no website that I could find, but here are some review sites:

                I definitely appreciated the $5 dollar pitchers of various Asian schwaggy lagers, especially after blowing a bunch in the bag shop on the first floor. We ordered from several stalls, and in general it was good to great, especially considering how cheap it was, though I only tried a few things. The kids mowed through plates of potstickers, tonkatsu and musubi.

                I had spicy miso ramen from Hokkaido Ramen Tokachiya, and I liked it quite a bit more than this review I found while googling for the name: http://tastyislandha...amen-tokachiya/ My broth was great. Also liked the takoyaki stall.

                There's a bakery on one side, which was both precious and delicious: http://kulukulucake.com/

                The only downside is that it's very crowded and the seating (which is mostly tiny stools at long tables) is first come first served, so we had to split our large group up.


                Large group? Call around in the morning and eat on the early side. Not a big deal when you're with kids and grandparents.

                One day we told the kids we were going have pancakes for dinner. Enter Chibo: http://www.chibohawaii.com/
                Royal Hawaiian Center
                2201 Kalakaua Avenue,
                Suite A-305

                Okonomiyaki is not my first choice normally. I find it heavy, usually overdone and I dislike the sauce. But we thought the kids would enjoy the novelty of it especially the grill-side show. Chibo is pretty typical, though the ingredients were on the better side. And I loved the pickles and the abalone. They were gigantic, so it was perfect for a bunch of kids who have been swimming in the ocean all day. I say kids -- but my 16 year-old nephew is 6 ft. 3 -- he eats like Michael Phelps! So cool to see the kids trying new things and blowing bonito flakes around.

                One more place to recommend, though it's not as affordable as the previous two. Tonkatsu Ginza Barin. Minimal website here: http://www.pj-partners.com/bairin/ It's very small, but calling ahead and splitting up the group worked for us.

                If your dining partners include two kids under 10, you will be inevitably be eating at a place that serves tonkatsu. This is a great option, since the pork is so very very succulent. Without prompting, the ridiculously excellent server gave the kids bowls of sesame seeds and a pestle to grind them with. Pickle plate so good we ordered another. I ate their loco moco with an egg, and it was fantastic. It's served on a sizzling platter -- I took a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...

                Solid curry, too.


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                  we need more reviews like yours w/video!