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Jun 17, 2014 01:53 PM

Dallas bar/bakery/restaurant/coffee shirts

Taking a weekend to Dallas and I want to bring some cool shirts back. Any leads?

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  1. Probably best to post on the Dallas Ft. Worth board.

    1. Billy Dee Williams Approved Colt 45 shirt from Bryan St Tavern.

      A number of cool shirts from Black Swan including "Deep Ellum Strikes Back" (a la Empire Strikes Back)

      Cane Rosso has some fun ones including a pig anatomy one and "PILF" (think milf but pizza)

      I'm going to keep trying to think of more, this is a very original question!

      1. Does the food at the place have to be good or you just after the shirt?

        I like the one from Marquez Bakery in Arlington/Grand Prairie. "Burritos are like sleeping bags for meat". Unfortunately the food was not all that great.

        Hopdoddy might have some. I know the staff shirts are pretty funny.

        Fred's Downtown Philly I believe has a shirt. "The best 10" you will ever put in your mouth."

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        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          I like good food and good design- thanks for the recs!

        2. Twisted Root has one.... "Sofa King Good"

          1. Fuzzy's has a memorable one. Not sure if it's cool or not.