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Best restaurant/bar/bakery/coffee shirts from Arkansas to Baltimore

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I'll be roadtripping from Arkansas through the South all the way up the coast. My souvenir goal is cool, well-designed or bizarre shirts from various eateries. I'm hunting but am coming up dry. Any leads?

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  1. My clever phone strikes again. Can this be moved to Southeast US board? :) Thanks!

    1. If you're coming thru Durham, NC, Rise Biscuits and Donuts have fun t's.

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        I seem to remember Scratch (also in Durham) having some cool t's.

      2. It would be helpful to know your travel route. But anyway...

        I'm a big fan of the shirt designs from Watt's Grocery. Also in Durham, NC. An example of the shirts can be seen in slide #8 in the slideshow linked here:


        Lots of goodies from Carrboro Beverage Company in Carrboro, NC.