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Best restaurant/bar/bakery/coffee shirts from Arkansas to Baltimore

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I'll be roadtripping from Arkansas through the South all the way up the coast. My souvenir goal is cool, well-designed or bizarre shirts from various eateries. I'm hunting but am coming up dry. Any leads?

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  1. If you're coming thru Durham, NC, Rise Biscuits and Donuts have fun t's.

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      I seem to remember Scratch (also in Durham) having some cool t's.

    2. It would be helpful to know your travel route. But anyway...

      I'm a big fan of the shirt designs from Watt's Grocery. Also in Durham, NC. An example of the shirts can be seen in slide #8 in the slideshow linked here:


      Lots of goodies from Carrboro Beverage Company in Carrboro, NC.


        1. Cafe de los Muertos in Raleigh, NC has a really cool atmosphere and shirts to boot!

          1. zamm - are you just the US nomad this summer?

            1. I love, love, love my Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer shirt from their joint in Charleston. Check it out: http://kuducoffeeandcraftbeer.com

              Ok, the website isn't up and running but if you check them out on Instagram, FB or Twitter you should be able to find their shirts. They have a giant kudu on the front and the name and address on the back of the tee.

              Others, off the top of my head:

              -Taco Boy in Charleston/Folly Beach SC
              -Thirsty Beaver in Charlotte, NC
              -Strangeways Brewing Company in Richmond VA "Think Strange. Drink Strange."
              -NoDa Brewing Company in Charlotte NC. Their new Hop, Drop & Roll IPA shirts are cool. This IPA won the 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Award (best beer in U.S.). There can designs are retro chic.

              If we new your route, we could make more specific recs. Safe travels.