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Jun 17, 2014 12:59 PM

Best Place to Watch USMNT (World Cup) on 495 or 95 North

On Sunday I'll be driving from Devens, Mass to Portland, Maine sometime in the late afternoon. We're not going to make it home before the start of the USA game against Portugal in the World Cup.

Any suggestions on the best place to stop and watch the game on that drive? We would want a place that could easily fit anywhere between 6 to 12 people with some sort of decent food menu. Bar food would be fine, we wouldn't need anything too classy.

Our go-to spot for this drive is the brewpub in downtown Portsmouth, but I'm not sure what they have for a TV set up.

Any suggestions?


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  1. We ended up watching at the Portsmouth Brewery in the basement lounge. The TV down there was not too big, somebody actually pulled out a laptop to provide viewing for more people.

    The crowd there was fun, the beer was great as always, and they have a nice menu of cheap items such as fries and nachos which I did not have, but all looked good.