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Jun 17, 2014 12:53 PM

Pride's Piccola Napoletana Pizzeria in Beverly

A few weeks ago a group of about 20 Italians and I descended on Pride's Piccola Napoletana on Rantoul Street in Beverly. I was blown away with how good the pizza was - there was a Neapolitan pizzaiolo at the oven making each one and the crust was perfect. Not burnt like I've had at Posto and Pasta Beach sometimes, not underdone like I had at Pastoral. Everyone was extremely impressed.

I had the Boscaiola, which was white pizza with mushrooms and sausage. I also tasted a Pulcinella, topped with provola, basil, buffalo and fior di latte mozzarella.

There were plenty of limonatas and chinottos drank and we also had a nutella pizza for dessert.

It's a small place with seating for maybe 30 max. It looks like they do a pretty good local takeout business. Our pizzas came out at all different times but I didn't expect any less considering there was just one man making them and we all sat down at the same time. Here's the back story on it: It also got a small write up in the Globe but I totally missed it, we heard about it through a friend. Word travels fast in the Italian expat community in Boston!

It really was memorable, and I only wish I lived closer. It appears that the owners are the same as Prides Osteria, which I've also heard very good things about from a chef I know. Have any hounds been there? I like the video on their site, sounds intriguing:

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  1. So, their web site doesn't have even one price listed. [Why do restaurants do that?] Could you give us an idea of the size of the pizzas and an average price point?

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      Here's the menu, it has prices:

      The large was probably a 12 inch or so. No one got a small so I didn't see!

      You're probably talking about the sister restaurant, Prides Osteria. I didn't go there so I don't know but I heard that it is expensive. Have any CH'ers been there?

    2. aw man, this is NO FAIR!!! I'll have to wait til the fall, but, judging from your experience and that menu, I can see suggesting to My Love that we pitch a tent near Pride's and just graze there non stop, til we've sampled everything on the menu!! I found a really good photo here, which tells it all to me (except the actual flavors, of course.):

      what an exciting find, bugsey! th you!

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        It's definitely worth the wait! I just wish it was closer to me, it's a long way to go for a pizza but I feel like the trip is in my future.

      2. Awesome arancini as well.

        1. Is it better than Little Italy on Cabot Street?

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            Never been there, this was actually my first time in Beverly. How is Little Italy?

          2. We have 4 friends that we routinely join at Regina's NEnd, and today we sent them up to 202 Rantoul St. Beverly and begged them to taste a lot and report back.

            They apparently had a blast. They started with a Fritto Misto, a sampler of fried apps, including suppli and arancini and a timbalo and zucchini and more; they seemed to agree on the timbalo and zucchini being their favs. They shared some specials- a plate of eggplant parm and lasagna, both apparently conservative portions, very light and not heavy with cheese, but terrific. Out of about 20 pizzas, they tasted 4 pizzas including Pulcinella, Anchovy , Pepperoni, and Tuna w/ onion and pesto. The dough was chewy, the fresh tomato sauce sweet and ripe and the cheese creamy and mild. They said the meal was def. not cheap but they thought the food was top quality and they enjoyed the servers and the atmosphere. And 2 of them spoke Calabrese with the pizza chef.

            They also were wowed by the different house made sorbets( strawberry, lemon and nutella!)
            Can't wait to try it now. They also picked up tonight's menu from the sister restnt, Pride's Osteria, a block away, so we're planning a joint dinner up there in the fall. (The Osteria video that bugsey linked is really well done; makes you want to hop in your car [or train, the station is nearby] as we speak.)