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Jun 17, 2014 12:19 PM

Solo Dining in Memphis

I'm looking for a place near downtown or Overton Park that would be comfortable for a female solo diner. Not picky about cuisine or price --- just looking for great food and a nice ambiance.

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  1. Around Overton Park/midtown, I think eating at the bar at Bari (Italian) or Cafe 1912 (French bistro feel) might fit the bill. Both are friendly places. You might also look at Ecco, on Overton Park Ave. It's also sort of in the bistro vein, but maybe has more of a Mediterranean / Italian feel than 1912 (but is not an Italian restaurant, per se).

    1. There are plenty of places Downtown. I agree with Bari and 1912. Local is also a good place on the Square.