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Jun 17, 2014 12:16 PM

Curry leaf plant


I'm having a terribly tough time finding the curry leaf plant. It's basically an indian herb and is delicious in numerous dishes to flavor. Can someone recommend a nursery or two that's helpful in finding rare plants? Any borough preferably in this order would do - Queens, Brooklyn, Manh, Nassau


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    1. Thanks - anybody else know of a local place? If not, I'll go for the online vendor

      1. I would look into buying from this place (Mailorder)
        But really, the fresh leaves are cheap at indian grocery stores. Patel Grocery on 4th Ave Brooklyn in the 50s, Kalustyan and the supermarkets in Jackson Hts are just a few places you can buy them. I simply buy a little bag when I am in the area - along with the good indian yogure..

        1. Patel Brothers in Flushing has it.

          1. No luck at the patel brothers - just called 3 of them and they never stock it. They do stock curry leaves but of course I cannot grow that

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              The grocery stores dont sell the plant - I was only referring to to the Brooklyn Patel and other stores as sellers of the fresh leaves. i have never seen the plants for sale in any NYC store or in any NJ Indian store.

              I can relate to your desire to harvest your own curry leaves since I went through the same source of inquiry and even tried to propogate the "stems" that I purchased on one occasion but no luck. going to be a lot easier to buy the fresh leaves than growing the tropical tree in your house or apartment.
              Please tell us what you wind up doing.

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                I grow this plant for many years now, it is about 4 foot high, nicely branched and looks beautiful. It is not a difficult plant to grow at all.

                1. re: RUK

                  great info! where did you buy your plant and where do you grow it? indoors or out?

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    I bought it at
                    But, I remember that this Nursery is a bit hit or miss, so if I needed another plant I would always go with Logees. Their plants aren't huge, but they are healthy and always take off for me.
                    I grow my plant during the indoor season ( NJ) in a sunroom and now in Summer it is outside until ca September. I keep it in a generous size pot to not ever let it dry out.
                    I just looked at my plant, I think it is closer to 5 feet tall.

                    edited - if you check Murraya koenigii at TopTropical, the plant is for pick up only.