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Jun 17, 2014 10:38 AM

Glenville Stops?

Curious to see if there are any recent reports. Initial online reviews look good and the menu looks fun. Anyone been?

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  1. wow bear, i LOVE this menu! i completely missed reading about ths place. I found some good photos here:
    It seems so strange that CHs haven't been talking about this place or Totto Ramen, also new in Allston.

    1. Haven't been, though it's on my list. I'm glad they moved away from the initial positioning as "grandest restaurant to ever hit Allston".

      In the first-world problems department, a flood of openings in the past year has made it tough to keep up. It might be easier if I weren't putting in four to six visits to one place at a time for my Improper reviews, on top of doing a couple of long-form cover features recently, plus a big chunk of the dining portion of the upcoming Boston's Best awards. I'm grateful for the work, but I miss dining out purely on my own whims sometimes. It would be absurd to complain.

      Totto has reportedly had long lines on most nights. I've been to one of the NYC outlets, liked it, have been waiting for the initial crush in Allston to die down a bit. I don't think they do lunch yet.

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        I pass Totto every weekday on my bus home from work, between 5:30 and 6. The lines at that early hour have died down considerably - many evenings I can even glimpse empty seats inside.

        That said, no, I haven't tried it yet either.

      2. Stopped in for a drink a couple weeks again and enjoyed the atmosphere for what it's worth. The beer, Ipswich Summer on cask dry hopped with Mosaic, was tasty too. The only thing odd is the location; not far off Harvard/Brighton Aves but basically in a residential neighborhood.

        1. bear, did you see the good short Cheap Eats review of GS in the Globe today? I thought of you. We're hoping to go soon.
          (I have to find out how they chose that odd name!)

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            It is on Glenville ave, near where Price Road "stops"! I'm sure the Glenville is covered, not sure about the "Stops"

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Thanks for the heads-up, oc. I did catch that review, and it definitely sounds worth checking out. Quite a variety in the menu. Hopefully we'll make it there within a couple of weeks, and if so I'll report back.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                Origin of name: The father/ bar manager is British and he likes a place there called ____Stops.

              2. Quick update after stopping on the way home from work. Enjoyed the ceviche very much though I should note I don't eat ceviche too frequently. Fish was grouper; quite tender and seemed fresh with just enough fishyness. It was dressed with cilantro, small avacado chunks, lime juice, sesame seeds, dried chili flakes, and a small amount of crushed plaintain chips. Nicely balanced richness of avacado and sesame seeds with brightness of other ingredients. Personally I loved the plaintain crumbles as they added a welcome textural contrast.

                Also enjoyed two beers from their very good list which focuses on local, Belgian, British, and German choices. As it turned out the bartender who served me is actually the owner and it was very pleasant speaking with him.

                Finally should mention the free bread and baba ganoush served at the bar (and probably the tables). Baba ganoush was truly the best I've had with an incredible depth of flavor from the eggplant (almost mushroom-like flavor).

                About a 2 minute walk from the Griggs st stop on the B line.