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Jun 17, 2014 06:11 AM

Has anyone tried Pickles and Rye yet? [Suburban Detroit]

Has anyone tried the new deli Pickles and Rye in West Bloomfiled yet? We already are quite happy with Steve's Deli and Stage Deli but since I'm a huge fan of Jewish delis I thought we might try this new spot.

Yelp (yes I know...) has had quite a few negative reviews, mostly focusing on the service. Wanted to see if anyone here has tried it out yet and how it compares to the other delis in the area.


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  1. I noticed that part way thru the refit, Matt Prentice's
    name was dropped. Does anyone know if he has an
    interest or affiliation with this operation? The
    refit also took a LOT more time than I expected ...
    perhaps a budget/DiY refit?

    I have been out of town for two [2] weeks, so I am
    guessing they must have opened in that period. The
    initial Yelp reviews give me pause. I'm not keen when
    it comes to amateur hour ops. Given the other
    excellent deli's & restaurants nearby, they cannot
    survive on "good food" alone. If their service does not
    improve dramatically, they will be kaput.

    I have a few errands in the area today and will try to
    make P&R my lunch stop.

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    1. re: rainsux

      "If their service does not improve dramatically, they will be kaput."

      I dunno...Stage, for a *long* time, was known for having really, really crappy service. The last 3-4 times I've been there, I've had no issues with the service, but in previous years, it has, indeed, been hideously bad. Stage survived just fine.

      I understand what you're saying, though. P&R is basically directly across the street from Stage, and if their service sucks, you're right: they'll be gone before you know it.

      I'll be trying P&R out pretty soon, I think, if I can pry myself away from Stage.

      1. re: boagman

        We decided not to try out P&R yesterday and instead grabbed lunch at Stage. The service was great...has been very good the past few times I've been.

    2. I visited yesterday. I arrived at 11:55 to find a relatively full house, but was able to be seated immediately. The
      server was prompt and effective.

      I ordered a reuben sandwich. It comes with a pickle, no
      other sides. It was delivered promptly and hot. The
      corned beef was lean. The swiss cheese had the
      proper tang/bite. I prefer more sauerkraut. What
      sauerkraut was included, lacked the zip/tang/bite that I
      prefer. The rye bread itself was fine, but I also prefer
      mine to be a bit more crisp/grilled.

      Based on the Y(awn) reviews, I was expecting an
      over-sized sandwich. It wasn't over-sized. Nor was it
      under-sized. Overall, I'll give it a C- (a bit below
      average). If I factor in the $11.65 price, I won't do it

      The pickle. Good grief. The pickle was limp, lifeless,
      rubbery and did not taste of dill. Nor did it taste like any
      deli pickle that I have ever had before. On the way
      back to work, I stopped to buy a soda to wash the taste
      out of my mouth. Baaad pickle.

      P&R advertises Free WiFi on the front door. There's a
      netw named Pickles & Rye. Hostess did not know the
      password. Waiter did not know the password. Later,
      the hostess said to use the "Xfinity" network. I couldn't
      connect. Waiter suggested it was my device/problem.
      Not. Another business in the strip mall offered free WiFi
      that worked just dandy from my front row booth. Dunno
      how it would have worked from deep inside the long,
      narrow dining area.

      Will I return? Perhaps. In that area, they are a bit of a
      weakling when it comes to getting my lunch money.

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      1. re: rainsux

        Darn, I'd give the sandwich in that beautiful photo a B even if the beef had spoiled.   Maybe I'm hungry or am just an easy grader.

        1. re: VTB

          > beautiful photo.

          Whoa, big boy. It's (food) porn. It's probably
          gonna look different when you get it home. Or; the
          next morning. <g>

          For you (and others), a B-grade may indeed be
          proper. It was not precisely what I seek in a
          reuben. Ergo; my slightly below average (C-) grade.

          Nothing wrong with a C- grade for the sandwich. That
          pickle was a genuine F.

        2. re: rainsux

          Ugh! This lackluster review worries me because the fact that they have wi-fi is a MAJOR bonus for them in my book. I work from the suburbs about once a week and love the opportunity to have a working lunch. Steve's and Stage don't have wifi.

          1. re: rainsux

            That does not look like an $11 sandwich to me.

          2. Vineyard Deli has WiFi. Northbound NW, just before 14 Mile.