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Hamburg - Cafe Paris at the Rathaus

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Cafe Paris is one of those places in Hamburg that seems perpetually packed to the gills. Finally got in yesterday evening - it was a strategic decision as Germany was playing Portugal at the World Cup soccer championships at 6pm, and the streets were devoid of traffic (human & vehicular) as most folks were glued to their TV screens. Cafe Paris was half-empty - a rarity indeed.
Beautiful dining room, efficient service as expected.

What I ordered:
- Escargots à la Bourguignonne: hardly any garlic flavour - very localised.

- Seafood Bouillabaisse: unlike *any* bouillabaisse I'd ever had anywhere - more like an intense consomme with chopped vegetables and seafood (the fish, mussels and prawns were the freshest I'd had in Hamburg). Not sure if this was a Cafe Paris Hamburg's unique rendition of the dish, or that the kitchen crew were too engrossed with the football match on some TV screen in the kitchen and inadvertently dished out something else instead of my order for me.

Skipped desserts - not risking another faux pas. So, I'd been to the legendary Cafe Paris. Just wondering what all the fuss was about.

Cafe Paris
Rathausstra├če 4
20095 Hamburg
Tel: 040 32527777

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