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Jun 16, 2014 10:33 PM

You know you dine out too often when...

Your preschooler likes to play restaurant instead of playing kitchen. And when pretending to be your server he turns to you and says, "How are those first bites tasting?"


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      1. Ever "send it back" so see how he reacts and what he does? :D

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        1. re: Midknight

          HA! We'll have to become more demanding diners!


        2. When the server asks you if you will take the order from the table in the corner.

          1. My brother and I used to play "drive-in". My sister worked at the drive-in down the road from our house. We ate there every Thursday during the summer because my dad was in a golf league that day. This is going to make me seem old, the hamburgers were 5/$1. Anyway, we kept the cardboard tray that held the sodas, we kept the waxed paper cups and the waxed paper straws and lids. We cut up cardboard boxes to be the window where the order was taken (think old Dairy Queen with no indoor seating and outdoor ordering). I told that story to the kids and I got "paper straws? You are really old."