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Jun 16, 2014 08:34 PM

Warminster, PA local & family-friendly for dinner?

My family and I will be in Warminster next week, hitting up nearby Sesame Place, and staying at the Holiday Inn Warminster-Doylestown. I was wondering what suggestions you might have for dinner options nearby. The kids are 5 and 1.5, respectively, and both will eat pretty much anything (though my 5yr old is hit or miss on pizza, believe it or not). Our dinners would all be casual, weeknight affairs, and could either be dine-in or take-out type, that would preferably be convenient to the hotel location. I would like to avoid the typical chains, in favor of any good local joints instead.

We were last in the area 2 years ago, and went to Taormina's and Rey Azteca, as I recall. Taormina's was very good and I *think* we liked Rey as well, though that meal doesn't particularly stand out for me. Google maps shows a 'new'(?) Mexican place that I was wondering about: Taco Suave. Any good? Anything else nearby that would be worth considering?

Thanks! Our trip is coming up next week already.

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  1. Rez Azteca is an adequate tex mex restaurant. Taco Suave is smaller than Rez azteca, more authentic. I probably would stick with Rez Azteca if your kids enjoyed it.

    Close by just south in Hatboro is Daddy Pops a great local diner (gets busy on weekends.)

    For sandwiches, Altomantes on York Road, or Silvios in Hatboro both make great hoagies and sandwiches for take out. Slivios makes its own bread, Altomantes is a locally owned italian deli with lots of take away food in addition to sandwiches.

    In Doylestown Jules Thin crust pizza is a great (more like flatbread but sourced with local ingredients. They have gluten free options.) Very low key atmosphere with tables inside and out.

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      I second Altomante's for sandwiches!
      about 5 miles away is the Iron Abbey (other side is na Brasa a Brazilian steak house)
      Lots of really good food at the Abbey, and it's casual

      If you like Asian, Jannie Chinese/Japanese (the sushi isn't great, but we love the house fried rice and lots of other things on the menu

      I've heard lots of good things about Bryn & Dane's (for a quick/healthy meal)

    2. Thanks for the replies! Checking in after our trip. We had 3 dinners in the Warminster area and enjoyed all of them.

      The first evening, we went to Iron Abbey. Food was quite good and the casual atmosphere worked well for us. It was a tad loud, as we were sitting right near the speakers, but I can deal with that for one meal. My 20 month old daughter and I split the shepherd's pie which we both really enjoyed. My 5 yr old son settled on chicken tenders w/ fries off the kids' menu which he was happy with. At least the chicken was good quality, real chicken (I tried some). My husband got the chorizo crab mac n cheese which was very tasty. Portions were quite large, even on the kids' menu.

      Dinner 2 was at our old standby favorite, Taormina's in Ivyland. LOVE that place. I had veggie calzone, my kids split the baked penne off the kids' menu (HUGE portion), and hubby had spaghetti puttanesca. We all really enjoyed our meals there, and the cannoli we ordered 'to go'.

      For dinner 3, we needed something quick, as it was easily approaching the kiddos bedtime. We settled on getting take-out from Bryn & Dane's. Oh, I wish we had one of those here near Akron, Ohio! Between the 4 of us, we sampled the honey-mustard chicken wrap, black bean-cheese quesadilla w/ mango salsa (that salsa was addictive!), white cheddar locally sourced popcorn, 3 different kinds of smoothies, sweet potato fries (with regular organic ketchup and mesquite ketchup), and the rickshaw sesame chicken wrap.

      I'm very grateful to the Chowhound community for always steering me in the right direction when I'm visiting cities with which I'm not very familiar. :-)

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        jroach, so glad you had a good time and some good food.
        the chorizo mac and cheese is relatively new on the menu at Iron Abbey I haven't had it yet, but you've inspired me to give it a try our next time there