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Jun 16, 2014 07:30 PM

Nashville: question re. Easter holiday closings

This may seem kind of silly as April is more than 10 months away, but I'm trying to plan ahead...

My wife and I have been discussing a spring trip to Tenessee, with two weeks split between Nashville and Memphis and a single night stopover at Mammoth Cave NP. We're looking ahead to April since we'll be travelling through Japan in the fall, winter is out of the question, and summer in the south is deadly!

That leaves April and May for ideal weather, and as I understand that Memphis in May is festival season and the city gets crowded with tourists flooding the streets for Beale and BBQ fests with heavy hotel price hikes, April seems like the winner to me.

Conveniently, the first weekend of April happens to fall over the Easter/Passover holidays which would allow us to take more time off work without issue. My concern however, is restaurant closures. I've got an endless list of BBQ counters, fish houses, luncheonettes, diners and more that I'm determined to visit and 5 nights in Nashville would just barely scratch the surface. The last thing I want to discover on vacation, is that 90% of the restaurants are closed for either Good Friday, Easter Sunday, or the following Monday.

Can anyone please advise on this, as I'd potentially be planning our visit around the holidays and also around eating and would not want these two interests to conflict. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Since we'd be starting our trip in Nashville, I'll specifically ask about restaurant closures in Music City as our stay would coincide with Easter weekend there.

Here's what I've got on my radar for our visit and would appreciate knowing whether these places on my list would typically remain open through the holidays:

• Breakfast at Pancake Pantry

• Breakfast at Loveless Cafe

• Sunday Brunch at Monell's in Germantown

• Lunch at Arnold's Country Kitchen

• Lunch at Swett's (and/or) Silver Sands

• Lunch at Eastside Fish

• Lunch at Ed's Fish House

• Lunch at Prince's Hot Chicken Shack (and/or) Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish - (Original Main St. Location!)

• Lunch at Fat Mo's

• Lunch at Brown's Diner

• Lunch at Poe Boy Luncheon

• Ice Cream & Fountain Drinks at Elliston Place Soda Shop

• Dinner at Bobbie's Dairy Dip

• Dinner at Jack's Bar-B-Que

• Dinner at Rotier's Restaurant

• Dinner at Capitol Grille + The Oak Bar

• Cocktails at The Patterson House

• Cocktails at Holland House Bar & Refuge

• Cocktails at Merchant's Restaurant & Bar

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  1. You shouldn't have any problem with Easter closings. You will need to replace Eastside Fish, though and I must admit to being ignorant of Poe Boy Luncheon. Otherwise you shouldn't have any problem beyond hitting these places during their normal hours.

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    1. re: grundoon

      Rats! Did Eastside Fish close??

      That's really sad. :(

      I guess we'll get our fix at Ed's and Bolton's.

      Poe Boy is around the corner from Prince's and is an "Old Nashville" soul-food-meat+two fixture that's highly recommended by the Sterns:

      I've actually never been. It'll be my second trip to the South and it's been over a decade since the last visit. First time 'round for my wife. We'll strictly be doing timewarp lunch counters and diners, bar-b-que 'n soul food, roadfood, etc. We're skipping all modern restaurants on this trip.

      1. re: OliverB

        Yes, Eastside Fish closed back in January. I agree that Ed's and Bolton's are the best replacements.

    2. Most of those will be open Easter weekend (but not Easter Sunday--probably only Capitol Grille.) I might skip Merchant's --v average these days. Not 100% sure Ed's Fish is still open. After Bobbie's for dinner, tack on a trip to Stone fox, a bar/resto couple blocks away. Did you look at Hattie B's (across the street from Bobbies) or Miel (pricey but stupendous, behind Bobbie's)?

      1. Ok also: Elliston looks cool, makes for good pix. Food, meh. Ditto Rotier's--only the patty melt is worth ordering. Go to Loveless on a weekday, and either quite early or quite late. Ditto pancake pantry--the line is just unbelievable. It's strictly tourists nowadays. I'd check twice at Monell's--it's family -owned and may shut for Easter weekend. I'd opt for Silver Sands over Swett's, and check--also small & family-owned, more likely to close Good Friday.