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Jun 16, 2014 06:57 PM

NE or SE Portland date night (plus other meal recs and beer)??

Coming to Portland for a few nights with extended family and staying in roughly the Alberta Arts district in NE Portland. Grandparents will watch the kid for a night so we can have a date night out. Would love a place that isn't super casual but also not stuffy, has great drinks (or a good place for a cocktail near by), great wine list and really good food in NE or SE Portland. Like all types of food so tell me your favorites!

Also any recs for good lunch places or casual dinners in the area? Usually hit food truck pods, Pok Pok and that great ice cream place in Alberta Arts district. Always open to new places.

And lastly, good beer places that allow kids in that area and also have decent food. My dad really loves beer and would like to take him to a couple breweries or a pub that has a great selection on tap.

Thanks hounds!

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  1. Saraveza is a great beer place.
    Salt & Straw ice cream.

    1. Date night options (not much is stuffy in PDX):

      Beast (beer, wine only, communal seating)
      Expatriate (lighter bar food menu, could be your drink spot in combination with Beast, DOC, or Nonna)
      DOC (more upscale Italian dining)
      Nonna (the more casual Italian option)
      Levant (modern Middle Eastern fare with excellent cocktails)

      1. Up on Alberta I'd recommend Aviary for your special meal - it meets all the requirements you asked for, plus really good service.

        1. Not on Alberta but nearby and if Pok Pok works for you so will this. Smallwares. Full bar, good beers, good wines, super cool and awesome food. Sit in the back. It is a great place.