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Jun 16, 2014 05:51 PM

Chili's installs tablets, increases sales in psychological play

«In 2013, in a pilot program, Chili's installed tablets at nearly 200 of its stores. And the chain found, Bloomberg Businessweek reported, that the presence of the tablets could "reliably increase the size of the average check." By, often, a fairly large margin.»

Some of it because you don't have to fear a human judging what you order!

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  1. We were at a Chili's in Abilene, TX for lunch recently and they had these. They didn't increase our check (the server still came over to take our order), but they did, definitely, make for a great checkout experience. At the conclusion of the meal we checked our total, added a tip and swiped our card and were out the door.

    For me, that's the most frustrating part of the dining transaction because you're ready to go but stuck waiting for the server, then waiting for them to run the card and bring it back.

    1. 20% increases in both appetizer and dessert sales is significant.