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Jun 16, 2014 04:57 PM

On the prowl for saltenas

Where can I procure a delicious, flaky, stewy, savory saltena?

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  1. Looks like your best bet is probably somewhere around Providence.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      Sure enough! Los Andes, a terrific Providence restaurant that specializes in Bolivian and Peruvian cuisine, lists saltena among its appetizers.

      The restaurant is located in the Elmhurst section of Providence not far from Providence College and Rhode Island College. It is lively without being too loud; it is welcoming; and the menu is eclectic Latin American. And it is very popular.

    2. Try Que Padre in East Boston. It's on my list of places to try but I have not made it there as of yet.


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        there was a CH thread about this place, and saltenas , a few yrs back (2 maybe) because Dave MP, who has since gone to food heaven in San Fran, was wanting some iirc. Because I am a fanatic about almost any meat wrapped pastry,we went to check them out at Que Padre (which had also been recently featured in the Globe.) Anyway, we bought some and brought them home, and they had a significant amount of sugar in them and we didn't like them. The wrappers are also (homemade dough i believe) tough as well as sweet.

        Anyway, if you find them where they are not sweet, plse tell us! But iirc, in that thread, DaveMP and/or Itaunas said that the savory ones are always sweet.

      2. I've only had them at Que padre in East Boston. My dining companion burned his thumb when the broth squirted out of the pastry. The saltenas are available in beef and chicken; vegetarian ones require a special 24 hour advance order. I liked the saltenas, but the sweetness was off putting. I prefer regular empanadas; there’s no concern of 3rd degree burns.

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        1. re: gltsoi

          I'd totally forgotten having tried these last year, and the same exact thing happened. Lucky for me, too: I was trying to get my six year old to take the first bite, and she refused, so I got burned rather than her. Those things need to come with warning labels or something!

          I should note that the same thing also happened the first time I tried XLB. But in that case I was much happier with the outcome and went back for many, many more...