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Jun 16, 2014 03:20 PM

Post run brunches/lunches

Hi hounds! I'm putting the finishing touches on our girls running weekend in Portland this weekend. We've all been to Portland before, but we're coming back out as a group to get some great runs in! We plan on a long distance trail run in Forest Park on Saturday, and a long distance road run around the rivers and bridges in the middle of the city on Sunday. That being said, where can 4 ravenous, sweaty girls get some grub on after our runs both days? Our preferences:

- We're morning runners, so should be getting done around brunch or lunch time.
- Someplace we can show up gross to, immediately after our runs.
- Somewhere in the vicinity of our runs, so near Forest Park and the city center on the river (does NOT have to be waterfront).
- Somewhere with healthy options so we don't ruin the benefits of our runs.
- Somewhere that doesn't require reservations or have long waits. No one wants 4 girls to get hangry!

We're from San Francisco, but don't mind copying good food we can get here. We normally do something like Whole Foods, but why not kick it up a notch on vacation! Our only other planned meal is Laurelhurst Market on Saturday night, just so you know what we have planned.


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  1. If you are eating breakfast/brunch in Portland on a weekend you should be prepared to wait in line.

    1. Saturday I would go for the Farmer's Market at Portland State (PSU). It is outside, so it doesn't really matter how gross you are. There are Lauretta Jeans and Pine States for more popular options, also bagels, soups, crepes, pizza, breakfast burritos, coffee, etc.

      Other options:
      Laughing Planet (many runners go there after their run)
      Dick's Kitchen (burgers, but other healthier options as well)
      Prasad (health food yoga studio combo)
      Portland Penny Diner

      Have fun!

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      1. Depending on where you start in Forest Park (huge) you could be near the St. John's Bridge. Just over it is the James John Cafe. Under the radar with great coffee and awesome food in the most low key environ imaginable. Thinking outside the box.

        1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! On Saturday, we went to Laughing Planet. Everyone loved it! On Sunday, we ended up at the Nike Employee Store, and went to New Seasons Market. What an amazing grocery store! Everyoned loved what they got at the deli. For our non healthy foods, we did Laurelhurst Market and Voodoo.

          1. Farmer's Market - definitely.