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Jun 16, 2014 12:07 PM

Best Steak in Florida

Had dinner at Prime 112 in Miami Beach Saturday evening. wow-what a meal… From the apps, to steaks, to sides, to fried oreo's for desert was amazon. Must say a little expensive but worth every dollar spent.
Service, atmosphere, food, drinks, staff, qualifies for a #10…

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  1. Steak is always an interesting topic......Of course based on the pricing at Prime 112 their steaks SHOULD be amazing! They have to be amazing! I've eaten there once, enjoyed it but not a place I would frequent
    given the pomp and circumstance there. But it
    is a SoBe icon to be sure. Never know who
    you might see there.

    Bourbon steak, Pubbelly Steak and others are certainly in the mix as well here in South Florida. I would be cautious to say Prime 112 is the "best steak in Florida". The folks at Berns in Tampa might take exception to that! That's a pretty special place as well and their monstrous wine catalogue is exciting as well with
    over 1 MILLION bottles in stock!

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    1. It is hard to call something the best in Florida. That being said, I like New York Prime in Boca. The food and service are impeccable.

      1. The service--fact they make you wait a solid half hour or more beyond your reservation time in the bar--at Prime 112 always results in my subtracting points from the overall dining experience there, in spite of the fact the steak is good....agree with Bourbon Steak and would add in Meat Market and Wolfgang's to the mix in the Miami area.

        1. I don't eat steak everywhere I go, but I can recommend PB Steak, Bourbon and Meat Market. If all you want is steak, I'd say Meat Market. If you're into trying the rest of the menu, I'd say one of the other two. I've had great steak at Scarpetta also, but they don't have a diverse steak menu.

          1. The original comment has been removed