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Jun 16, 2014 11:41 AM

Where can I find a Havana/Spanish Latte?

Stopped by Coffee Bar on Montgomery today, and tried a Havana Latte. Made with sweetened condensed milk, it's a favorite espresso drink of mine that I've also seen called a Spanish Latte.

Hounds: where else can I find this in San Francisco, particularly downtown? It's an easy enough concept, but I don't think it's prevalent.

For those who haven't tried this particular syrup option, do! The inherent creamy/toasty flavors of sweetened condensed milk pair especially well with the hot milk that makes up most of a latte drink. If you're looking for a sugar of vanilla syrup alternative, this is a good one.

More photos:

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  1. Caffe Central in the Westfield Mall has something called a "Cuban Latte" made with condensed milk. Perhaps the same thing.

    1. I know you specified SF but on the off chance someone looking outside of SF stumbles on this thread, East Bay Coffee Company in Old Town Pinole does a lovely Havana.

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        Thrillist reports a Havanna (note different spelling) at Cup Coffee Bar in the Outer Mission:

        Outer Mission
        Cup Coffee Bar (address and info)
        Cup Coffee Bar’s giant coffee cup sign outside was done by the same artist responsible for the legs sticking out of a window on Haight St, but that’s not the reason it earns the Outer Mission nod. The Havanna, an espresso drink sweetened with condensed milk, is.

        The whole article, titled The best coffee shop in every single SF neighborhood is to be found here: Not the worst reference for mostly decent java, though it isn't every neighbourhood and even I, a visitor, know some of these are duds. But that's Best Ofs for ya...