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Jun 16, 2014 11:08 AM

Organic/Farm-to-Table Chinese Restaurant in SF?

Are there any chinese restaurants that do organic/farm-to-table in SF? Thanks!

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  1. Certified organic, not that I know of. Farm to table, responsibly sourced, Mission Chinese Food:

    I think Out the Door on Bush St. has more Chinese dishes than Slanted Door.

    1. The OP might want to call up the newly opened Chino, a non-traditional take on Chinese and some other Asian foods. They use organic foods to some degree:

      Former partner of Chino, Brandon Jew, has plans to open a kind of place the OP would want to eat at. Part of the problem is that many Chinese ingredients and sauces can only be imported.

      Echoing that Cuesa article, there's a claim in Jonathan Kauffman's excellent article about Asian greens that Asian farmers won't go fully organic, but try to use as few chemicals as they can:

      China Village has had organic chicken on the menu:

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      1. It doesn't currently exist.

        1. Not in SF, but Yi Ping in San Ramon claims to use organic ingredients. They have a Chinese American and a Sichuan menu.

          It's gotten mixed reviews here:

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          1. Garden Fresh in Palo Alto makes a point of fully vegan and "compassionate", but does not claim either organic or "farm-to-table". If you're really interested, you might mail and ask them.