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Food Truck Catering

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We're hosting a party Sat Sept 6 for a small MoCo neighboorhood, roughly at the intersection of 495/355. Maybe 40 adults + 20 kids.

I was hoping to perhaps have 1 or 2 food trucks there to cater the food. We'll be one payer to make it simple.

Does anyonone have a specific recommendation, or know of an information database where I could get info and contact them to make arrangements?

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  1. I know the Lobster Truck will cater. Their website is www.redhooklobsterdc.com. Amazing lobster rolls!

    1. I have friends who done this several times. They used twitter to reach out to various trucks and just kept sending tweets until someone bit.


      1. I went to a party that had a single truck. It was the Fojol Brothers. Food was good, but the only problem was the really long line that formed.

        1. http://foodtruckfiesta.com/ is the closest thing to a database that I know of.

          1. Could you contact whatever entity issues their licenses for a list??

            1. I contacted a bunch of trucks for a charity event. I used FoodTruckFiesta to get their email addresses. Some where better than others at responding.

              1. A NoVA area wedding just used a truck called "Nathan" to do an ice cream buffet for their reception. Great reviews, but I'm not sure if that was for ease and novelty or quality.

                1. We visited the NoVA Brewfest this weekend, & I had a chicken bowl (chicken, rice, black beans, salsa, cheese, & aioli-sounds odd, tastes great) from Roaming Rotisserie-it was MUCH better than I expected festival food to be.

                  1. This may be off point--but I am "OCD" where food is prepared and the health related issues. Correct me if I am wrong, but I just don't feel that the trend for the food trucks is one that I embrace as I don't know if the vendors have to adhere to the same standards as a commercial restaurant. How do they handle he cleaning of utensils/cooking pots and pans, refrigeration, etc.?

                    In fact, there are many restaurants that come under fire with regards to the health/preparation standards. Many years ago Baltimore's Tio Pepe's had a major issue with regards to violating health standards. My husband and I didn't return to our "favorite" restaurant for over 10 years or so. We felt insulted that a high end restaurant would resort to low standards.

                    Perhaps I am overly finicky..but that is who I am. FoiGras

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                      I peeked in the back of the truck, because I was interested to see how they operated in a such a small space. I think I'd be more comfortable w/ food truck food- it's a small space to keep sanitary, stuff is loaded on as it's needed. If you've ever worked in a restaurant (& this is a generalization), you'll realize how often some of them are deep cleaned-it's just more inventory to keep up with.