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Jun 16, 2014 10:50 AM

Food Truck Catering

We're hosting a party Sat Sept 6 for a small MoCo neighboorhood, roughly at the intersection of 495/355. Maybe 40 adults + 20 kids.

I was hoping to perhaps have 1 or 2 food trucks there to cater the food. We'll be one payer to make it simple.

Does anyonone have a specific recommendation, or know of an information database where I could get info and contact them to make arrangements?

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  1. I know the Lobster Truck will cater. Their website is Amazing lobster rolls!

    1. I have friends who done this several times. They used twitter to reach out to various trucks and just kept sending tweets until someone bit.

      1. I went to a party that had a single truck. It was the Fojol Brothers. Food was good, but the only problem was the really long line that formed.

        1. is the closest thing to a database that I know of.

          1. Could you contact whatever entity issues their licenses for a list??