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Suggestions for single girls' night out

I would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants with great food that can be eaten at the bar...preferably with other singles (ie. guys!) in their 30s and 40s. We've been to Drake 150 quite a bit and are looking for somewhere new (and slighly less Bay St, though we all work downtown).

We like:

Allen's (Danforth)
The Emerson (Brockton Village)
Aft (Riverside)
Ceili Cottage (Leslieville)
Brooklyn Tavern (Leslieville)
Harbord Room (Annex)
Queen and Beaver (Bay and Elm)
The Oxley (Yorkville)


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  1. Thought I would state the obvious, the World Cup is on. Most of the places you mentioned will have the game on, so if you are looking for attention, you may be competing with the game, or maybe it will actually help with comradery. Queen and Beaver upstairs would be my vote.

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      Thanks, dubchild. I often watch BPL games at Q&B - but figured it would be insanely busy during World Cup so have avoided it lately. I suppose it won't be too difficult to get a table for non-England games though! thanks!

      1. Bar Isabel. There were a lot of couples last time I went, but there were some groups and pairs of singles at the Bar. Go right at 6 to snag a seat at the bar.

        Also Enoteca Sociale's bar. I've also had great ladies' nights at Buca.

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          I think Bar Buca would also be a great option .

        2. The Saint on Ossington is always packed with men at the bar seats on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights and the crowd is slightly older than the rest of the strip. One of my fav casual places in the city.

          1. Agree with:
            Queen and Beaver
            Bar Isabel

            Would also suggest:
            Oyster Boy
            (if you like oysters, obviously)
            416 on weekdays
            Tavern by Trevor
            County General

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              happycamper (or anyone who wants to add 2 cents) have you been to the Queen E County General? Just wondering if the Queen E location gets more Leslievillian couples out on date night, compared to possibly more of a mixed crowd on Queen W?

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                I have been to County east side once, early spring this year.
                Crowd wise, I still prefer the west side (yes, I do have a west side bias). I love the intimacy of the bar at Queen W, and I find the clientele more "open" to chats across table/bar.
                This being said, I did love the bartender on the East side, and they have a nicer patio than Queen W.

                Adding another venue to the list:
                People Eatery on Spadina. Love the food and atmosphere.

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                  Thanks happycamper. I like places where people are open to chatting with other customers across table/bar.

                  Will have to check out People's Eatery (307 Spadina), too. (just adding a review, since their current website has no menu) http://www.postcity.com/Eat-Shop-Do/E...

            2. Great suggestions. Thanks, all!

              1. highlyunlikely, have you checked out any of the recommended restaurants since you posted?

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                  I've tried the Saint for brunch - good but not particularly memorable.

                  I've been to Bar Isabel a few times and love the food, but find it to be very date-y. Perhaps because I have only been there on dates. :)

                  I'm a big fan of Enoteca Sociale's bar, food and service. Great suggestion. Didn't see a ton of singles there though.

                  I have not tried the other suggestions yet but have added them to the list. Excited to try 416, Peoples, Tavern and County East.

                  I would add that I have been to Eastside Social a couple of times and liked it a lot. Great bar, friendly staff. Ceviche was great, as was the yorkshire pudding poutine!