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Jun 16, 2014 08:53 AM

Miami area restaurant for a foodie and a not-so-foodie family

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me out with some restaurant recs. I'm a Philly hound visiting family living in Miami, and wanted to take them out for a great meal. I'll be in town over the July 4 holiday.

I was hoping for a place that took reservations, but wasn't too stuffy\intimidating or loud. I love all kinds of food, but they're not super adventurous, so the food shouldn't be too "fancy" or trendy, but still interesting. I'd prefer a steak\seafood sort of place but am definitely open for suggestions.

Any help MUCH appreciated!

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  1. I would try Jaguar in Coconut Grove......It's a fusion type place with Peruvian / Mexican influence......Some unique dishes and wonderful ceviche.....And some "regular" type dishes for everyone.....Fun and festive atmosphere.....

    Or if you haven't been to a Texas de Brazil that's an interesting place....Not too fancy....But they bring out all kinds of meat for you to eat....until you can't take it anymore....Great salad bar for the omnivores.....

    Steak and seafood?.....Let's let a fellow SoFla Hound chime in on that one.....Maybe Bourbon Steak? Or Pubbelly Steak?

    Ft. Pierce, FL....via Homestead

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      The Dutch looks like just the thing, but I'm worried it'll be too intimidating - I want them to be able to relax but sticker shock is an issue for some folks, even if they're not paying :( The food looks awesome though.

      Texas de Brazil might be fun - those sorts of places are almost never stuffy. What's the atmosphere like? Do they have a kids menu?

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        The bone-in ribeye for 2 at the dutch is my favorite steak in Miami and one of the best I have eaten anywhere. It is $110. However, it is 40 ounces which comes down to under $3/oz for a perfectly cooked prime steak. These days, that is a relative bargain, especially for a hotel restaurant. If you can handle the steak for 2 and you like ribeyes, I would go there, you really won't be overpaying when you compare the quality and price to other steak houses.

        It is easily enough to feed two normal people and depending on your appetites it can probably feed 3.

        Plus, if you like oysters, there is none better in Miami and their king crab is killer as well (I like it better than Joe's claws).

    2. I would do Bourbon Steak, The Dutch or Edge Steak Bar depending on which neighborhood is more convenient for you. PB Steak is good but can be a bit loud.

        1. I second Michael's Genuine. The food is great, the atmosphere is casual and the menu is not intimidating.

          1. Blue Collar would likely work for all. Inexpensive, casual, and American style food with a bit of flair. Not sure if they take reservations though.


            I would also say Micheal's Genuine would be a good choice as well.