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Jun 16, 2014 08:26 AM

Tek-Nique (Bedford, NH)

My family and I went to Tek-Nique for Father's Day brunch and had a truly awful dining experience. Our appetizer came after a half hour, but the entrees (eggs or steak and eggs) took over an hour to arrive. The waitstaff did not apologize for the delay or offer something for us to eat while waiting for the main course until we sought her out. We were eventually told that a plate broke in the kitchen, and that the area had to be cleaned thoroughly. Strange that this did not impact the other diners' meals. When we asked about our orders for the third time, we were told that they were being plated, another five minutes (and plating was very simple for these dishes). How can it take 1.5 hours to cook eggs in a restaurant that wasn't busy? The meals were comped; I will never return.

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  1. You may get better action on the Northern New England Board.

    1. We tried Tek-Nique several months ago based on some positive Chow comments. Left with the feeling we probably would not return. As I recall the service was inattentive and slow, and the food unremarkable.

      Unless I experience a real restaurant disaster I generally won't write off a place based on one less-than-great visit, so I suppose I'd give them another shot. It's just that my enthusiasm for doing so isn't very high. It would have to be convenient, or because of joining others who picked it as their preferred spot to meet for a meal.

      1. Why didn't you say something to the manager?

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          I assumed they had, since the meals were comped.

        2. I've had great meals there including brunch. Far better than the Copper Door down the road. Funny, was talking last night about C.R. Sparks and how Bedford lost its clubhouse when that place closed.