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Jun 15, 2014 10:29 PM

Loma Linda or other canned meat subs in Brooklyn? (NY)

I grew up on the stuff, Linkettes, chili, Big Franks etc. And lately I've been ordering it online, but I'm wondering if any of these products are available in Brooklyn stores? And since I'm on the topic anyway, what's a good place in Broklyn to buy ANY meat analogs such as Yves or LightLife?


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  1. The only places I've seen Loma Linda or Worthington veg foods in recent years are Seventh Day Adventist stores. A lot of stores that carry vegan groceries and health foods don't carry this company's products anymore because they use GMO soy and a lot of artificial preservatives and flavorings. Don't know if there's an Adventist center in Brooklyn, but when I lived in NYC, they had a big book store and health food center in Manhattan near the Public Library.

    As for other brands of meat analogs, any health food store or the Whole Foods in Brooklyn should have them -- the Brooklyn Co-op (I think you have to be a member to shop there, though), Perelandra in Bkln Heights, Tony's in Bed-Stuy, Park Natural in Carroll Gardens... There are tons of them. I think I've seen one or two vendors at the Bkln Farmer's Market who sold things like vegan cashew cheese and tempeh bacon, too (but this was a while ago), and a few of the Jamaican I-tal shops in Brooklyn make their own mock meat-type things.

    For fake meat at restaurants, some must-try's in Brooklyn are Foodswings, Wild Ginger, Sweet Chicks (not all veg, but they have fake meat chicken and waffles, which is a rare and wonderful thing), and Vinnies (fake meat vegan pizza).

    Good luck!

    PS: You might have better luck posting on the New York - Outer Boroughs board.

    1. Right now fairway has lightlife products on sale, 2/$5! Includes veggie deli meats, pepperoni, and tempeh. Considering reg price is $3.99 its a great deal.

      Trader joes also sells some great faux meats from tufurky (sausages) as well as their own brand of tempeh, veggie burgers, chickenless nuggets etc...

      Loma linda's store locator shows just two vendors for nyc:

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        Suspected Adventist connection confirmed! If you look at the link in Ttrockwood's post, you'll see that both NY locations are Seventh Day Adventist book stores.

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          I used to go the NYC adventist shop all the time and their old restaurant Living Springs r.i.p. I owe them so was reading The Seventh Day Diet, after I found out I had high cholestorol that helped me go veg. I love them & their great food:) Great cookbooks too !