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Jun 15, 2014 05:09 PM

Lunch near the train station in Genova

My son will have a lengthy layover around lunchtime in Genova. Any place worth visiting near the station?

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  1. I totally can recommend Lupo Antica Trattoria, a short walk from the Principe station. When I landed in Genoa New Yeats Eve in 2010, I was "between hours" and solo. They graciously seated me while they were setting up for the evenings festivities. I've returned every year since and am now almost family!

    Principe was under construction when I was there last September, but if you come out of the station (look for the Cristo Columbus monument, head down Via Balbi (past the Hotel Contintental - which also has a nice, typical menu). Just opposite Bar Corvo, on the right side of the street there is a carrugi and Lupo will be just a few steps down on the right. You feel like you are right at home with Maria Grazia, and Tizanno (her daughter if she is there). Tell them "Brenda" sent you!

    The area is safe for walking and the University is down Via Balbi so there are lots of students around.

    Bar Corvo is very friendly and great for a quick drink, too. And just past that is one of my other favorite places (which I have never written down the name), but I always end up there for one meal while in Genoa.

    If you have time, you might want to visit the beautiful Plazzo Reale just down Via Balbi, or take a quick look at the cathedral Santisissmia Anniuziata del Vastato a little further down.

    Just check to be sure they are open for lunch on the day you are visiting.

    Lupo Antica Trattoria di Vico Monachette, via Monachette 20, Genova

    If you are arriving at the Brignole station I can't be of much help, other than a walk up Via XX Settembre

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      The Mercato Orientale is near Brignole (wonderful) and several restaurants. We thought Il Genovese, right across the street from the market was great.

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        Totally agree that the Mercato is worth a walk through and perhaps some purchases for a snack on the train.

        Stop by my favorite butchers for a taste of anything.

    2. which train station? there are a couple
      its a great city, worth some time

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        I'm not sure. He's traveling from Nice to Firenze via Ventimiglia and Genova. I'll ask him.

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          More than likely Principe, the first main stop in Genoa ( I've made the trip several times). It would depend on where he is connecting to, also. I believe you can get the Florence connection at both stops.

          He will also have to change trains in Ventimiglia and I highly recommend getting a ticket online to avoid the long lines that can happen during the busy season... we missed our express train last year and it took forever to get to Genova. The ride along the water is stunning.

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            Interesting what you say about Ventimiglia. He has all his tickets except that one. Apparently, they told him he has to get it at the station, which may account for the long lines!

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              I did a quick search and it appears that you can't book too far out. If he can't purchase in advance, he will have to go up and down stairs to the main office, where he can either go to the window or use the Trentitalia machine. There is a little snack bar in the station in case he needs to pick up a quick eat or drink. Finally, just remember to "validate" the ticket before boarding - sometimes they check, sometimes they don't - it is after all, Italy!


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                I'll let him know, and as it now stands, apparently the lengthy layover is in Ventimiglia, and a shorter one in Genova. However, this is all dependent on whether he will be able to get out of Paris and to Nice!

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                  Well, there is one place that was on my "hit" list for Ventimiglia a couple of years ago when I had to transfer for a Cuneo train. It looked really interesting and only a short walk from the station. I was able to make the transfer from the Nice airport to the train station and was able to catch an earlier train, so I didn't get there.

                  Sounds like he's going to have a long day of travel either way. Ciao!

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                It may have to do with the kind of train it is - some of the regional type trains do not have reserved you have to buy the ticket in a station,