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Jun 15, 2014 04:43 PM

Teenagers and where did you "dine?"

Okay-here I go again. When you were a teen where did you congregate to chow down? My friends and I loved Ginno's hamburgers, but we lived closer to a McDonald's and, after school, would chow down on the burgers and fries (and yes, those thick milkshakes).

My best friend and I would get off the school bus and head down to Kibby's Restaurant--but NO- we didn't order food from there, but next door was a subshop--cheesesteak subs and french fries--after school--before dinner. It' amazing that we didn't weigh hundreds of pounds.

There was also a neighborhood corner store--i.e., in the mode of a Quik Mart. But, there was a deli/and cheesesteak available sanwich.

Just a thought--I feel certain that all of you CHer'S have fond memories of childhood eateries--whether chains or local establishments. Isn't it fun to chow down memory lane? FoiGras

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  1. I didn't grow up in the DC area, but our hang-outs were Stewart's Root Beer stand in the summer and HoJo's all year round. Oh, and the Waffle House in the summer (because it was across the parking lot from the pool).

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      there's still a stewarts in rosedale on route 40

    2. Tops, or Hot Shoppes. Pizza hadn't really caught on yet so it was the double hamburgers with secret sauce.

      1. Italian Inn, Ledo's, Hot Shoppes, Happy Italian Delight, Rosa's Pizzeria, Rips, J Mart, Cetrones, Lums, Red Barn, Shakeys.

        And the curb next to the 7-11.

        1. Ernie's Pizza in Wheaton, Hamburger Hamlet on Old Georgetown Rd, Emersons for cheap Beer & Steak, Shakeys Pizza. Burger Chef or Roy Rodgers for burgers, I never could force myself to consume McDonalds.

          1. Mikes pizzeria was a favorite! Close seconds, though, were Steak & Egg (loved those hashbrowns), Hot Shoppes, Carvels, and HoJos (mainly for ice cream!).