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Teenagers and where did you "dine?"

Okay-here I go again. When you were a teen where did you congregate to chow down? My friends and I loved Ginno's hamburgers, but we lived closer to a McDonald's and, after school, would chow down on the burgers and fries (and yes, those thick milkshakes).

My best friend and I would get off the school bus and head down to Kibby's Restaurant--but NO- we didn't order food from there, but next door was a subshop--cheesesteak subs and french fries--after school--before dinner. It' amazing that we didn't weigh hundreds of pounds.

There was also a neighborhood corner store--i.e., in the mode of a Quik Mart. But, there was a deli/and cheesesteak available sanwich.

Just a thought--I feel certain that all of you CHer'S have fond memories of childhood eateries--whether chains or local establishments. Isn't it fun to chow down memory lane? FoiGras

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  1. I didn't grow up in the DC area, but our hang-outs were Stewart's Root Beer stand in the summer and HoJo's all year round. Oh, and the Waffle House in the summer (because it was across the parking lot from the pool).

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      there's still a stewarts in rosedale on route 40

    2. Tops, or Hot Shoppes. Pizza hadn't really caught on yet so it was the double hamburgers with secret sauce.

      1. Italian Inn, Ledo's, Hot Shoppes, Happy Italian Delight, Rosa's Pizzeria, Rips, J Mart, Cetrones, Lums, Red Barn, Shakeys.

        And the curb next to the 7-11.

        1. Ernie's Pizza in Wheaton, Hamburger Hamlet on Old Georgetown Rd, Emersons for cheap Beer & Steak, Shakeys Pizza. Burger Chef or Roy Rodgers for burgers, I never could force myself to consume McDonalds.

          1. Mikes pizzeria was a favorite! Close seconds, though, were Steak & Egg (loved those hashbrowns), Hot Shoppes, Carvels, and HoJos (mainly for ice cream!).

            1. Gino's, McDonalds, Ameches, The Thunderbird, The Circle, and Captain Harvey's

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                Okay Hue--I can understand your selections and totally agree--but, Captain Harvey'S??? That was a go-to with parents restaurant or a first "grown-up" on your own restaurant. Correct me if I am wrong, which is quite possible as I didn't discover Captain Harvey's until sometime in the mid 1990's.

                I loved their Eula salad (which was similar to the Pimlico Hotel's Coffee Salad. They also served the best softshell crabs and fried oysters. I am sad to now know that the restaurant is going to close (or has already done so) and is being replaced by a Royal Farms.

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                  Foi....sorry not specific enuff Captain Harvey's was a sub shop at the end of Dundalk Avenue

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                    Don't apologize Hue_-- I am so glad that you responded, Years ago, a friend of mine made me aware of the subs at Captains Harvey. What makes this significant--my friend was a total "freak" where food was concerned. No ketchup on french fries--but would eat a McDonald's burger and fries with ketchup--wouldn't eat coleslaw, but loved sauerkraut, etc. Anyhow, my friend loved the "fresh lunchmeat" sub with the "dressing." If he knew the ingredients of the dressing he would have freaked out and probably never again eaten the "delicacy sub."

                    Thanks again, Hue, for the reminder. Do you still go and chow down at the
                    Captains? Is the shop still in business? FoiGras

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                      Was that the place with the fantastic fries? when you did take-out, you got the fries in a grocery bag?

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                      Ok, so now I'm pretty curious about that Coffee Salad/Eula salad. I googled coffee salad and found a recipe involving gelatin -- is that what Pimlico's version was like? (There's also a bunch of recipes for salad dressing with coffee.) And why was the Eula salad named Eula, do you know?

                      These threads make me really wish for that time machine....

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                        mselectra--thanks for your interest. The original Coffee Salad was served at the Pimlico Hotel Restaurant and was named after the waitress that "invented" it. (Chowhound's, correct me if I'm incorrect). It was a basic chopped lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, chopped hard boiled egg, oil and vinegar dressing. Probably had some grated parmesean cheese (which is the same recipe that several Little Italy Restaurants in downtown Baltimore duplicated.

                        There are many versions, but the latest that I am aware of is "Captain Harvey's" --sadly the restaurant is, of has, closed.

                        Chef Paolino in Catonsville, has the right ingredients for the original Coffey Salad. Hope this info helps you. I also want to revert back to the time machine when all things seemed to be easier and dining out wasn't a competition. FoiGras

                  2. Every year our high school German class would go to Old Europe. Pretty sure the same blind lady is still playing the piano.

                    1. We'd go to Montgomery Mall and play video games at Sears, which was demoing the Atari 2600, and then go to a sub shop in the mall. Similarly, we'd play Space Invaders at a local shop in Cabin John Shopping center - in retrospect it was a head shop but we didn't realize it in our early teens - and then get pizza at CJs. After duck pin bowling (somewhere off of River Road) we'd go to Shakey's for pizza or Farrells for ice cream.

                      With parents driving (and paying!), it was the Rockville Hot Shoppes, Shanghai Chinese in Silver Spring or Sir Walter Raleigh in Bethesda for a real treat.

                      When I went to UMD, my favorite places were Hungry Herman's or Marathon Deli (which is still there!), though I'd go to all the places on monkeyrotica's list occasionally with friends

                      1. Falls Church/Arlington:

                        Hot Shoppes Jr.
                        Roy Rogers
                        Fairfax Deli
                        Saunders Bakery
                        Frank's (aka Bart's, aka Teddy's)
                        Hector's Pizza
                        Pizza Castle
                        Airbourne Pizza
                        Village Inn Pizza
                        Three Chefs
                        Donut Dinette
                        Little Tavern
                        Jack in the Box
                        Burger King
                        Stratford Lodge
                        Steak in a Sack
                        Steak 'n Egg Kitchen
                        Burger King
                        GW Frozen Dairy Bar

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                          Weren't you the budding Chowhound?!!! lol. I'm impressed that you had such an extensive teen dining out scene.

                          I miss Roy Rogers in the Baltimore area. Loved the Tiger Sauce, which I can purchase (probably a different version/brand) at the local Giant. It is great mixed into tunafish salad, pasta salads, even mixed with sourcream/butter on a baked potato. FoiGras

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                            That's only one side of the river, mostly on foot. We got around.

                        2. When we first started 'hanging out' it was out side a convenance store called Macs we ate reesers burritos and pizza pops. Then moved up to the food court at the mall. I loved Edo a japanesse place that had the best rice with sauce and vegetables. Lived on that as teenager.

                          1. I didn't grow up in DC, BUT we used to go to the Custard Stand in Oakland, MD (now gone), Pizza Hut with my Dad (especially when you got the small pizzas for reading so many books I would get those all the time) he loved pizza and Silver Tree since it was owned by family we could go a good bit and the Oak Marr which used to have homemade rolls and pies and other great stuff. We still frequent Sirriani's in West Virginia which still makes great pizza a short drive from Oakland and the place we went once we got our licenses.