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Jun 15, 2014 12:25 PM

Asheville dinner near McCormick Field

DH has his heart set on catching a game during our upcoming very short trip to Asheville. My heart sinks at the thought of wasting a precious dinner opportunity on hot dogs -- is there anything within walking distance of the ballpark? And is the area safe to walk?

We'll be doing a walking tour of Asheville Brewing Co., Wicked Weed, and Burial in the afternoon before the 7 pm game. Lunch at Curate before the tour. Appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. They have good food at the park otherwise you will have to drive or taxi.

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      I disagree...I think it's close enough to walk from Biltmore Ave or near Pack Square to the field. Limones, Storm or Posana would all be good choices - not too far of a walk, and they have great appetizers if you're still full from lunch/beer. Wicked Weed has decent food, as does Pack Tavern (good...not great). Pack's would be a very easy walk to the field.

      1. re: miss piggy

        Is McCormick field where the baseball games are played, right there where Charlotte street hits 25 going south?

        If so, then heck yeah, I'd walk from Seven Sows or Storm or Rhubarb or Doc Chey.

    2. I would totally walk from any of the places miss piggy suggested to the ballpark. However, I noticed in your profile that you're from Austin which means you might not be used to walking, and you will taking a walking tour earlier in the day. It's .7 miles from Pack Square which is the furthest you'd have to walk if you take one of miss piggy's suggestions. One of the reasons that I moved from Austin was because I like to walk, and Austin is not a very walkable city. Maybe you're athletic. I just thought you should take that into account.

      1. Thanks, all! We loved Asheville and can't wait to return for a real visit. The Brew-ED tour was terrific (Wicked Weed was our favorite of the three). @Helind, after our early morning hike to Point Lookout, our strolling around Pack Square and downtown checking out the fabulous architecture, and then our walking beer tour, we did indeed decide to drive to the park after a light dinner at Chestnut, where the green tomato & pimento cheese small plate was perfect. Although when I saw deep fried moon pies on the McCormick Field concession menu, I was a little disappointed we had already eaten ;)

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          Thanks for the update! Sounds like things went well! Come back soon!