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Jun 15, 2014 11:17 AM

So many Choices!!, Where do I 'just have to try' in Montreal??

I love trying new places to eat and will try anything! But there are so many choices and yes I know about urban spoon and yelp. But where have you eaten that I just have to try.....Thanks:)

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  1. what is your budget and what kind of food do you like?

      1. I'd actually recommend staying away from Yep and Urban spoon. They're more reliable than they used to be but in Montreal some of the top recommendations tend to be unreliable.
        At the moment I'd say Vin Papillon and Manitoba. Probably the most interesting meals at the moment.

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          I have heard of Vin Papillon but tell me about Maitoba - Please.

        2. I am middle of the road for budget but will spend for the extra special. I have not found a food I don't like...yet:)

          1. For asian food I'd recomment Park (Japanese/Korean fusion) and Jardin Iwaki (30$ ish 5 ish course meal, chef's choice changes every week, best creepy bathroom experience.)