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Jun 15, 2014 10:01 AM

Dim Sum

Where is the best dim sum in the Baltimore area? In DC?

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  1. I like Hollywood East, but others on this board disagree.

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    1. re: KWagle

      Baltimore is slim pickings but Asian Court in Ellicott City is decent. Daresay, I feel it might be the best in the entire DMV area. Otherwise in the DC area I'd probably choose China Garden. Others like Oriental East in Silver Spring or Marks Duck House in Falls Church aren't bad, though all pail in comparison to NYC, SF, and LA.

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        I am one that disagrees. I used to love Hollywood East, but when the moved to the mall it got very bland and "Americanized." Nothing exceptional anymore, and very little that could be considered less anything but ordinary and routine.

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          Seconded. Love their seafood tart.

        2. please note the recommendations are for the 'area' - sadly no good dim sum joints in DC Proper. I have a hunch Balto has the same report. the suburbs are where you'll find el Dorado.

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          1. re: hill food

            Yes, that's the question, DC proper or the DC area.

          2. Fortune and Mark's Duck House in 7 Corners are good. (I prefer Fortune.) Both are better than China Garden In Arlington, but it's on the metro.

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            1. re: Foodgeek

              I haven't enjoyed MDH for several years now. I find it okay, but no better than that and not worth a special trip.

            2. I went to Fortune yesterday (Fri) for lunch. They had cart service but I wasn't too impressed with their offerings. I would say between Mark's Duck House, Hong Kong Pearl and Fortune, Mark's is slightly better than their competitors, in terms of quality and number of offerings. But none are particularly good and each may excel at certain dishes. Best shrimp dumplings (har gow) are at Mark's, best fishballs are at Hong Kong Pearl, best fried taro dumplings are at Fortune.

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              1. re: Worldwide Diner

                Same experience here. Maybe it's my luck, but half the time I get dim sum off the carts its cold and not supposed to be. The rest of the time, all the good stuff is gone before the cart even gets to me. No big deal, as I tend to want the stuff that's not on the cart anyway, like tripe or chicken feet or that shrimp ball with the crab leg sticking out. I usually end up at Golden Hong Kong or Sampan Cafe and order dim sum off the menu just because I know it will be hot. Neither are any better/worse than what you'd find in Seven Corners but at least I don't have to deal with traffic or lines or people staring at you giving you the stinkeye so you'll hurry up and pay and leave so they can get your table.

              2. I went to Hollywood East this weekend. I liked the food, and thought there was a great variety, even at 10am when lonely little me was the only patron in the restaurant. Yeah, doing dim sum alone is just sad, but I got a bunch of takeout boxes and had dinner that night, too. The radish cakes were fantastic, and they're my favorite. The pineapple buns were a little doughy, but delicious. The tiny egg custard tarts were mouth-watering great, and all of the various dumplings that I tried were delicious, even reheated later. All in all, I would try it again, but I'd like to find a group of 'morning people' friends to go with me sometime.

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                1. re: LadyJane

                  No shame in eating dim sum alone! Especially since all the lovely leftovers belong to you alone.

                  1. re: Mer_Made

                    Not only that, but it's easier to get seated during busy times I've found!

                    1. re: tommyskitchen

                      Well thank you, both of you! I don't feel so bad now. And you're right, the leftovers were delicious and all mine!