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Jun 15, 2014 09:32 AM

Seafood + pork in Boston?!

Help! Our family's in Boston for a wedding and want dinner tonight. We'd like to hit up the city's seafood but have one family member who's on a special diet and can only eat pork (he's a dad, and it's Father's Day, so we can't really tell him to suck it up :P).

Any recommendations?

Oh also, we're 7 adults and 6 kids. :P

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  1. Don't know if Korean would work for your party, but we had bbq pork belly with garlic(on grill in table) and stir-fried pork in spicy sauce at Korean Garden in Allston this past Wednesday. There are numerous other pork dishes on the menu as well. Other things we shared were: steamed eggs, mandoo tukbokki (dumplings and rice cakes in spicy sauce) & bbq duck on the grill - the 2 pork dishes were our favs. We noticed a huge seafood platter being delivered to a family of 4 behind us.

    1. my favorite place for pork and seafood would be craigie's one main though you could go to almost any chinese/thai/East Asian place and find something good.

      1. I must know what diet would require pork only. Spill it!

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          I too was curious! He can't eat chicken, cow, turkey, duck, lamb, rabbit, deer, elk, pheasant. . . . but he can only eat pig? I've never heard of this type of restrictive diet.

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            It sounds like the poster is making a joke- dad wants pork for Father's Day.

            Portuguese is what came to mind for me, but I don't have any recommendations for specific Boston restaurants. Another option would be Redbones. Their fried catfish is pretty good (although not at all what you'd come to Boston for!) Their menu does say grilled fresh fish specials are available, but I can't vouch for them