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Jun 15, 2014 08:41 AM

Good foods for a romantic fireside dinner? (easy to cook)

I want to take my girlfriend on a date this weekend and go out in the canyon and make a fire, and then have a romantic dinner. I will probably take a table and chairs and candles and everything, but I need some food that is somewhat easy to make out there. Something we can cook either on the fire or on a small stove. I want to go a little further than roasting hot dogs, thanks.

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  1. You can't go wrong with Boozy Campfire Cheese and some nice chunks of bread to scoop it up. This is my favorite camping recipe!

    1. For a non traditional camping meal salad nicoise is very easy. Buy a jar of very good imported tuna in oil, some olives, and salad greens. Bring a few hard boiled eggs. At the camp site blanch the green beans and boil the little new potatos, mix up your vinegrette.
      Then just make pretty stripes of the various ingredients on your plates.
      Don't forget a nice white or rose to go with :)

      1. Kebabs! Chunks of beef tenderloin wrapped with bacon then skewered. A side of veggie kebab with chunks of portebellos, bellpeppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. Can be prepped, and skewered ahead of time. A nice pinot, or syrah to sip. Smores, and port would be the perfect ending.

        1. Chunks of sharp cheddar browned in the fire and spread over some good country bread is delicious. I wonder if a drizzle of apple butter might be good on that?

          Of course, I'd go for s'mores, too, just because they're fun and easy.

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            my answer too -- fondue and s'mores

            not apple butter, but use slices of fresh, crisp apple. mo bettah!

          2. I don't know about romantic, but nothing is easier than the tinfoil dinner. You put veggies, meat, and whatever seasonings in a packet made of foil and cook it in the coals. It can all be put together beforehand and just tossed in the coals. I've only ever done it down home, but I'm sure you could take any number of fancy recipes and cook it that way!

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              Finish with a bit of shredded cheese and salsa before serving. . . It's not candle light romantic, but outdoorsy rustic romantic.