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Jun 15, 2014 04:40 AM

Bosch / Kitchenaid to Replace My Miele Dishwasher ?

Our 6 or 7 Year Old Miele Optima bit the bullet last night.
It's either the water solenoid or the inlet valve - aka, it' not sending the machine water even though the filter is nice and clear....and getter drain/intake error on the unit control panel

A quick google show the part is at least $150 on average.

I'd rather replace than repair....

Whadda suggest folks. I'm inclined to look at Bosch or even Kitchenaid !
When I built my office, I put in 2 Kitchenaid DW's and while they are not as quiet as the Mieles, the interior layout of the Baskets IMO seemed alot better than the Miele.

My only *spec* requirement at this time is a built in panel, EVEN though I have my heart set on the Miele *PRO* duty rated on.....I believe it has a spec rating of 12 minute wash time, which is pretty awesome when I'm entertaining.

Decisions, Decisions.
The G5975SCSF is beautiful...

Anyone using a Bosch SHV9PT53UC

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  1. My preference would be the Bosch. KA, as a class, seems to have a shorter lifespan than does Bosch. That's anecdotal, of course, from reading here, GW and family experience.

    I like the way the Bosch loads. With fold down rear tines in the bottom rack, it's pretty versatile. I would really miss the top cutlery rack. I find it consistently gets my flatware cleaner than any basket system ever has.

    If it matters, CR's brand reliability has Bosch in first, Miele third and KA seventh out of ten brands. That's based on reader surveys.

    1. Their SHV9PT53UC is Bosch's top of the line panel ready DW....Kinda disappointing it does not show a timer during operation..

      FWIW, I feel that the KA DW's in the office seem to clean *better* than the now dead Miele

      For those with Bosch, does 100% come out dry.
      I just remember the Bosch at my MIL. Stuff comes out about 70% dry

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      1. re: chefwong

        My 10 year old Bosch died about a month ago.

        I wouldn't have looked for anything other than a Bosch to replace it…it was a workhorse and I was told a DW's lifespan is about 8-10 years if we're lucky.
        My 3-rack new panel ready Bosch is wonderful.
        As I've stated in another thread…I love my Miele vacuums but that's where it ends for me. Bosch dishwashers outsell Meile…that says something to me.
        There's a red light on the underside of the dishwasher that glows onto the floor telling me it's running…that's how quiet it is.

        1. re: chefwong

          My Miele (2004) did not get everything dry. My 2012 Bosch does. That's why I like Bosch better. To be sure, when the cycle finishes, there is still some moisture around. But those dishes are too hot to handle anyway, so it's moot. By the time the dishes have cooled enough to handle, yeah, they're dry. 100%, dishes, pots, glasses, flatware.

          Note that I don't put plastic in mine. Plastic is notorious for holding on to a few water water droplets in any dishwasher.

        2. I have a new Bosch 800 Series. It doesn't dry as well as my old, old KA, but on balance I like the new machine, especially the top cutlery rack. Using the top rack, I can fit service for 12 dishes in the dishwasher. I'm not anal about loading that top rack, as the manual suggests, but I do find it easier to unload the rack when I separate the spoons, forks and knives.

          1. I love my Bosch. We got it about 4 years ago, and it is super quiet. It may not dry 100%, but that is because there is no heating element in the bottom. That allows you to put plastic anywhere without having to worry it will melt. When I can find it, we use the Finish rinse aid that works better for plastic (I can't remember the name).

            1. Been a KA dishwasher fan for a very long time. Ours have lasted a very long time and have run extremely quiet. The latest one, is so quiet that with a room full of people, I couldn't tell it I had it on or not. The one it replaced was still working just needed a different color for the recent remodel. We donated it to a church and they use it every weekend, it's about15-20 years old now.

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              1. re: mikie

                The KA I recently got rid of was about 15 years old and running just fine with never a problem. But I was told by an appliance repairman not by to expect that kind of performance with today's KA dishwashers.

                1. re: CindyJ

                  Yes. As reported on another thread, about 3 years ago I replaced a 21 year-old KA that was running fine but clearly approaching the end of its life with a new KA. Last fall, before the new KA was even 3 years old, I ended up spending about $400 (labor + parts) for repairs on the door hinges, which had failed. Not at all happy.